The little guy appears to be able to hold his own bottle even though he is less than three weeks old!

I'm not gonna lie: I was one of those moms who lazily propped up her baby's bottle with a rolled-up burp cloth when we were out to dinner at a restaurant. That way, my kid could basically feed himself to his heart's content while I was free to enjoy my own meal at mine. Go ahead and judge me if you want to, but hey, we all do what we gotta do to get through the day sometimes, right?

Although I have the feeling that this particular shortcut is one that New Jersey mom Navy Power will probably never have to resort to. Because her son Adam may only be 18 days old, but it appears that he can already hold up his own bottle and feed himself! Just check out this video the proud mama posted over on her YouTube page Adam's Adventures.

Pretty incredible! I mean, most babies don't have the motor skills needed to feed themselves until they are between 6 and 10 months old, and this little guy is not even three weeks yet! Plus, how cute are his teeny tiny hands?!

And check this out—in a subsequent video filmed the next day, the little dude drinks another entire bottle, then flings it down mic drop style when's he's finished:

With all due respect to Alec Baldwin, THIS is what we call a Boss Baby!

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