We love the empowering ways Milano is celebrating motherhood lately.

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November 04, 2015
Alyssa Milano breastfeeding dressed as Wonder Woman
Credit: Alyssa Milano/Instagram

When I see photos of celeb moms with their babies, I usually feel one of two things: skepticism (High heels at the playground? Really?) or flat-out envy (see: every flawless "makeup-free" selfie that mysteriously lacks undereye circles or zits). But not so with Alyssa Milano, who stole hearts and helped launch an online revolution last year with her gorgeous breastfeeding pic. If anything, the actress and mom of two seems to shun glossing over the funkier parts of raising babies and instead puts them out there for the world to see.

This week, Milano treated her fans to a couple of so-true-it-hurts photos showing her life as a mom. On Sunday, the day after Halloween, she posted a throwback shot of her nursing daughter Elizabella last year while dressed in costume. "2014 Wonder Woman! #normalizebreastfeeding," she wrote. Though the caption was Milano's way of championing public breastfeeding, a cause near and dear to her heart, I think the photo sends a message to all of us parents: Raising children is tough, and no matter how we choose to feed our babies, we're all superheroes.

Then, a couple of days later, Milano shared another sweet photo, this time from her tropical vacation. She's sitting poolside, looking happy and relaxed in a cute navy blue one-piece swimsuit. Now, seeing celeb moms looking fab in their bathing suits is nothing new (well, hello there, Beyonce).

Alyssa Milano poolside on vacation
Credit: Alyssa Milano/Instagram

But I don't know many of them who would follow it up with a totally relatable, refreshingly honest admission like this 42-year-old's (which by the way, all of us should remember when we're slugging through the stubborn fourth trimester): "I'm sucking it in."

Alyssa Milano #ftw.

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