By Sherry Huang
December 29, 2014
Alicia Keys

Grammy Award-winning singer Alicia Keys and her husband, Swizz Beatz, welcomed a boy named Genesis Ali Dean on Sunday, reports People. This is the second child for the couple, who are also parents to 4-year-old son Egypt Daoud. Like other celeb couples, including Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Keys and Swizz Beatz shared the same baby birth announcement on Instagram and Twitter, along with a photo of their baby's inked footprints.

swizz beatz twitter birth announcement

The couple shared their pregnancy announcement back in July, with an Instagram photo on their fourth anniversary. In the photo, Alicia Keys stands next to a sitting Swizz Beatz, while wearing a flowy white dress over a noticeable baby bump.

In the December/January 2013 issue of Scholastic's Parent & Child magazine, Keys shared her joy about being a mother. "Being a parent has made me more open, more connected to myself, more happy, and more creative ... What's been surprisingly easy is just how natural parenthood feels."

Congratulations to the second-time parents!

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Photo: Alicia Keys at the Grammy Awards via Shutterstock Genesis Ali Dean's baby birth announcement via Alicia Keys's Instagram