By Sherry Huang
January 20, 2015
Ali Larter

The actress gave birth to a baby girl, named Vivienne Margaret, last Thursday! She shared a baby birth announcement on her website, along with an adorable baby photo. Her announcement read:

It's a girl! We couldn't be more excited to share news of the arrival of Vivienne Margaret MacArthur on Thursday January 15th 2015. She came bearing gifts for her brother: Batman sheets and lots of Gummy Bears!!! 7.5 lbs of love.

This is Larter's second child with husband, actor Hayes MacArthur. The couple also have a 4-year-old son, Theodore. The actress, who is a fan of prenatal yoga, didn't reveal her pregnancy until August, when she appeared on an episode of "The Tonight Show."

In October, Parents also caught up with Ali Larter, who talked about being a parent with her husband. "We love parenting together and I feel really lucky to have found someone who is such an incredible father to our son," she said.

Congratulations to the couple on their second baby!

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