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A Second Baby for THIS "How I Met Your Mother" Star!

Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam
ICYMI, legendary news is making its way around the Interwebs! Actress Cobie Smulders just revealed something surprising at the Sundance Film Festival: She welcomed a baby about three weeks ago!

This is the second child for Smulders and her husband, Taran Killam of Saturday Night Live. The couple also have a 5-year-old daughter, Shaelyn Cado. No gender or baby name have been officially confirmed yet, but a commenter on People mentioned the baby is a boy.

The private couple didn't reveal their second pregnancy news until late October. And even during the first pregnancy, they didn't reveal the birth until two months after baby's arrival.

Smulders will be reprising her role as Maria Hill in the upcoming Avengers sequel. She's currently starring in the indie film Unexpected, about a high school teacher who becomes pregnant at the same time as one of her students.

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