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A New App Helps You Track... Baby Poop Color!

baby wearing diaper
When you become a mom, you start thinking about baby poop in a whole new way. For one thing, you actually think about it, and how it relates to your baby's health. Is it normal? Is it supposed to be that color? That texture? You end up spending more time than your pre-baby self ever imagined looking at the contents of your newborn's diaper, wondering if it's all good.

Well, wonder no more. Pediatric gasteroenterologists from Johns Hopkins Children's Center have developed two new tools that can help parents pay attention to ever-important baby poop color: A one-page stool color chart with downloadable color card (which will be distributed to birthing centers by Procter & Gamble), and a free app called PoopMD. Both can help alert parents to baby poop colors that could be cause for concern—especially white or clay-colored stool, which can be a sign of a life-threatening liver condition called biliary atresia.

According to a news release, the app "uses color recognition software to allow parents to snap photos of their baby's stool and receive feedback within seconds. Parents then have the option of sending the photos to their pediatrician. The app also offers reminder notifications for stool-color checks every two weeks between birth and 2 months of age, the critical window to diagnose the disease. However, the experts caution, the app is an educational, rather than diagnostic, tool and parents should consult a physician if they have any concerns."

Sure, snapping pics of your baby's dirty diaper sounds gross, but I'm all for anything that can give new parents peace of mind—and quite possibly protect their baby's health.

Image of a baby's diaper courtesy of Shutterstock