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9 Celeb Breastfeeding Quotes That Inspired Us in 2016

Successful breastfeeding requires support, and it's great to know celeb moms have our backs! Here are encouraging words from our fav famous mamas in 2016. Psst: breastfeeding doesn't always come easily to them either!

Tatyana Ali

tatyana ali on breastfeeding Tatyana Ali/Instagram

The new mom and former "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" star welcomed son Edward in September, and told Essence about breastfeeding, "It's something that is not necessarily instinctive. There are messes and there are different techniques and styles." It's nice to know even star moms are familiar with the disarray of nursing: breast pads, leaking boobs, bloody nipples, oh my! Indeed, Ali says, "You try to get ready, but nothing can really prepare you for what actually goes on and what it's like."

Emily Blunt

emily blunt 2016 Shutterstock

The actress knows all too well that having a baby changes absolutely everything! She said about trying to claim a shred of time for herself, after recently welcoming baby #2 with husband John Krasinksi, "After we got home from the hospital, I didn't shower for a week, and then John and I were like, 'Let's go out for dinner.' I could last only about an hour because my boobs were exploding. When the milk first comes in, it's like a tsunami. But we went, just to prove to ourselves that we could feel normal for a second."

Chrissy Teigen

chrissy teigen talks breastfeeding Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

The model, who is always awesomely candid about motherhood, 'fessed up about nursing daughter Luna: "The feeding schedule surprised me a lot. If you kind of do the math, you're kind of breastfeeding for 10 hours a day total. It's very loving and sweet, but it's not easy. It's hard to work your entire day around getting her the nourishment she needs because [babies] are just little animals."

Candice Swanepoel

candice swanepoel talks breastfeeding Candice Swanepoel/Instagram

The Victoria's Secret model is used to showing a little cleavage in her professional life, and lamented on Instagram, "I have been made to feel the need to cover up and somewhat shy to feed my baby in public places but strangely feel nothing for the topless editorials I've done in the name of art..?" Swanepoel added as a caption to the image she shared of herself nursing baby Anacã, "Breastfeeding is not sexual, it's natural."

Olivia Wilde

olivia wilde on breastfeeding baby #2 Olivia Wilde/Instagram

Second-time mom Wilde, an outspoken advocate of normalizing breastfeeding, shared a brelfie of herself and newborn daughter Daisy on Instagram. "My drinking buddy," Wilde cheekily captioned the sweet shot, in which she is clearly loving this bonding time with her second child with partner Jason Sudeikis.

Liv Tyler

liv tyler on breastfeeding Liv Tyler/Instagram

As a mama for the third time, Tyler is well-acquainted with the power of breastfeeding. The actress posted a photo to Instagram of herself reveling in one-on-one time with daughter Lula. "Sunday morning snuggles with my baby girl. So grateful for this precious gift," she captioned the aww-dorable pic.

Thandie Newton

thandie newton on extended breastfeeding Thandie Newton/Instagram

Actress Thandie Newton is a fan of extended breastfeeding her 2-year-old son Booker. To prove it, Newton posted a photo to Instagram of the mom-and-son duo nursing at a music festival, writing, "Perfect happiness @latitudefest This is what my body is made for. And the rest is my choice. #Freedom."

Tess Holliday

tess holliday on nursing baby Tess Holliday/Instagram

This is one star mama who isn't afraid to keep it real. Soon after welcoming her son Bowie, Holliday shared a raw black-and-white brelfie. "I had to capture this moment because today was the first time I was successful at feeding lil Bowie [lying] down," the model captioned the intimate and beautiful shot.

Alyssa Milano

alyssa milano wants to normalize breastfeeding Alyssa Milano/Instagram

Alyssa Milano is a longtime supporter of normalizing breastfeeding and didn't hold back during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show this year. "Would you eat under a blanket?" Milano asked the host, while defending that she often shares brelfies on social media. "You would go feed your baby in the car?" the actress further demanded. She added about breasts, "Biologically, they're not made for sexual things; that's what we've done to them."