The number 86 is such a lucky number for this Ohio grandma, she should play the lottery!

By Melissa Willets

The number 86 must be lucky for one Ohio grandmother, who just celebrated her 86th birthday and welcomed her 86th great-grandchild!

According to Pop Sugar, Marie Frey has become a great-grandma for the 86th time, just a week after turning 86. How is that possible, you ask? The first part, I mean, about having that many great-grandkids, not about turning 86. Well, consider that this adorable lady had 15 children with her late husband Gerald. That's right; 15! And then those 15 kids had a combined 68 kids, making Frey a grandma close to 70 times.

Then, just this past June, Frey became a great-grandmother for the lucky 86th time when little Blakely Grace Frey was born. And guess what? This sweet great-grandma is expecting great-grandchildren number 87 and 88 later this year. Incidentally, she also has six step-grandchildren. Phew! I'll bet holiday shopping can present quite a challenge for her.

In all seriousness, I can imagine no greater accomplishment than being able to say you brought forth so many lives. And I think any one of us would be thrilled to survive long enough to hold a child born from your child's child. Judging from the smile on Frey's face, it must be very gratifying to make it to that point.

So, congratulations to the Frey family! Um, any chance you'd just go for broke and aim to give Marie 100 great-grandkids? Just an idea.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.



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