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7 Hilarious Baby Care Do's and Dont's

Safe Baby Handling Tips by David and Kelly Sopp
Taking care of a baby is definitely is a nervewracking experience -- and what parent hasn't felt an overwhelming sense of panic and bewilderment? David and Kelly Sopp, creators of, are now experienced parents, but they certainly remember their days of new-parent difficulties.

To help other parents navigate baby's first year while keeping their humor intact, the Sopps created tongue-in-cheek photos of definite baby care do's and dont's. Their photos became the hilarious "Safe Baby Handling Tips" board book, a visual guide of no-no's for parents that's also chew-proof for babies.

Now a decade old, the book was recently updated for the modern parent, and we're sharing some funny and classic photos that will either make you cringe with embarrassment or LOL at its absurdity. Check out the photos below!

Tell us: What crazy baby-care situations have you encountered?

Safe Baby Handling Tips - Changing Baby's Diaper

Safe Baby Handling Tips - Clearing Baby's Nose

Safe Baby Handling Tips - Feeding

Safe Baby Handling Tips - Crawling

Safe Baby Handling Tips - Exercising

Safe Baby Handling Tips - Monitoring

Safe Baby Handling Tips - Washing

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