Proving you can have your cake and eat it, too—at any age!


Allison Neff just turned 30, and she used the milestone birthday as an opportunity to remind us of the simple joy that comes from being a kid at heart. How? By co-opting the first b-day cake smash tradition for herself, complete with a pink tutu and matching crown.

Check it out:

cake smash
Credit: 30 bday
cake smash 2
Credit: adult bday
cake smash 3
Credit: tutu crown

So. Much. FUN! Neff truly looks like she's having a blast here. And how good does that pink cake look? I mean, we all want to do this now, right? But how did the birthday girl even come up with this idea in the first place?

"I have a number of friends with young children so I've been aware of the smash cake trend for first birthdays for a while," she explained to "After I attended another first birthday party a few months ago I thought 'That looks like fun—so what if I'm 29 years late! '"

cake smash 4
Credit: bday girl

Amen, sister! And don't think we didn't catch all the priceless details on that fill-in-the-blank birthday chalkboard you've got stashed there. "I Love: Tacos, Coloring, Dumplings, Beer... I Can: Hold down a job, Pay my rent on time. I Stand: 66 inches tall. I Weigh: Restricted."

Hilarious! Oh, and as for the flavor Neff chose to kick her 20s to the curb? "It was a Funfetti cake, of course!"

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Of course. Happy 30, birthday girl... Keep sprinkling happiness wherever you go!

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