Anna Faris

We got misty-eyed over Chris Pratt's amazing speech about his son, Jack, and now we love his alter ego, wife Anna Farris.

In the March issue of RedBook magazine, Farris brings a fun and funny candor to her interview, sharing sweet and serious anecdotes about being a mother. And these reasons are why she's one of our fave celeb moms.

She is refreshingly honest about her birth story.

Jack was born a few months premature and spent a month in NICU. When recounting her birth story, Farris did not shy away from the difficulties she experienced. Her labor and delivery, was not all rainbows and roses, but Farris manages to give a straightforward and heartwarming story.

"My water broke in the middle of the night at seven months. We rushed to the hospital, and they were able to halt active labor with magnesium," she shared. "I was at the hospital and the goal was to be in bed for four weeks...but on the seventh day, I went into labor again. I was in denial. For hours I was like, 'I'm just having indigestion.' Chris and I were so scared, but when Jack came out, even though he was so tiny, he looked so good to us."

She confirms what we always knew: Chris Pratt is an awesome dad.

With two actors in one household starring on two funny shows (Farris is on "Mom" while Pratt is on "Parks & Recreation"), you'd think laughter would overshadow serious moments. But after going through a difficult birth, the couple experienced a whole new level in their relationship. And Farris discovered more of Pratt's thoughtful side. "It's one of those things that drives you apart or makes you closer," Farris said about her birth. "I think that being a father is very meaningful and rewarding to Chris. He's a great dad. He's a little more serious than he was before. It forces your hand. You really have to become an adult."

She sums up motherhood in the perfect way. 

In talking about what it's like to be a working mother, Farris nailed it with a succinct quote: "Motherhood is like a big sleeping bag of guilt." #truth

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