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Moms on Reddit Share Their Funniest Breastfeeding Nicknames

When one mom on Reddit shared that her husband calls her "the snack that smiles back," others chimed in with their breastfeeding nicknames.
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The 10 Best Baby Cribs for Every Kind of Nursery

Safe, stylish, and sturdy picks to give you major peace of mind while your little one sleeps.
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Choosing the Best Sleep Training Method

Want your baby to sleep through the night? Learn about five popular sleep training methods, and get some helpful advice from real-life parents.
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An Age-by-Age Guide to Sleep Training

Wondering when to start sleep training? While the ideal timing differs for every child, these expert-approved suggestions can serve as a guide.  
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Sleep Training Your Baby: 7 Tips for Success

Ready to sleep train your baby? These expert-approved tips can help your little one snooze through the night.
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20 Fun Baby Shower Games

No baby shower hostess (or mom-to-be) wants guests to groan when the activities begin. Here, professional planners share 20 free and easy baby shower games to celebrate your little one’s arrival.
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Baby Feeding Chart for the First Year

Learn how much and how often to feed your baby every month, based on guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
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Breastfeeding Expert Uses Wine Glasses to Show How Much Milk Babies Get With Each Feed

Wondered how much milk Baby is getting throughout a feed? Here's the difference between the letdown, rhythmic sucking, and flutter stages of breastfeeding.