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We Hired My Mom as Nanny to Cut Costs and It Didn't Turn Out as Expected

After weighing our childcare options, we decided to hire my mom as nanny for our three young kids. The outcome certainly saved us money, but it came with an unpleasant emotional cost.

Here is the Average Hourly Rate For a Babysitter in Every State

Getting a sitter can give you a night away from the kids or a precious few hours to yourself—here's how much you can expect to pay a babysitter in your state.

Exclusively Pumping Parents Can Get Help From Lactation Consultants

More lactation consultants are offering assistance to exclusively pumping parents. If you're considering exclusive pumping, here's why you should see one.

Woman Searching for Birth Parents Discovers She Was Stolen as a Baby: 'My Parents Bought a Child'

Jane Blasio went looking for her biological parents and uncovered a shocking scandal—she was one of hundreds of infants illegally sold in the 1950s and 1960s from a clinic in Georgia.

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It's one of the worst times to buy a car in decades—but you may still want to. Here's help breaking down annual costs to determine whether you can afford to buy your teen a car.