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Babies Start To Develop a Sense of Humor as Early as 1 Month, Study Shows
A new study from the UK shows that babies as young as four weeks old can understand and appreciate humor, which may help researchers better understand how a baby's brain develops.
Should You Buy Used or New Baby Gear? A Guide to Expiration Dates
It's no secret that preparing for a baby is expensive. But before you buy something second-hand, make sure you've researched expiration dates and other safety concerns.
Choosing the Best Nursing Pillow for Your Baby
Need a boost when feeding your little one? We've got you covered. Whether you're breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, these nursing pillows offer support and comfort at a time when you need it most.
'Fourth Trimester' Was Added to the Dictionary—Here's Why That Matters
To bring attention to maternal health and wellness, the company Fourth Phase petitioned for the term "fourth trimester" to be added to all dictionaries. Merriam-Webster dictionary recently announced the word is officially added. Here's why that's a win for parents.
The 10 Best Baby Walkers and Activity Centers to Help Your Baby Cruise Into Toddlerhood
These toys from Baby Einstein, Skip Hop, VTech, and more keep babies' brains and bodies active.

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Unsafe Sleep Products to Keep Out of the Crib
You want to create a cozy sleeping environment for your baby, but certain products increase their risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Read about seven products to keep out of the crib, including blankets, pillows, bumpers, sleep positioners, and more.
These Baby Bottle Warmers Make Feedings So Much Easier and Faster
Whether you're heating up formula or breast milk, these devices help get meals ready in a flash.

Alabama Boy Makes New Record as World's Most Premature Baby to Survive, Mom Says He's 'Very Active'

Curtis Means was born nearly 19 weeks early and weighed just 14.8 oz at the time of his birth.