7 Worst Baby Name Trends of 2020

If one of these baby names is on your list of potential picks, you might want to cross it off right now.

There's a lot about 2020 that falls into the "worst" category, but your future child doesn't have to fall victim to the craziness that was this past year. If you're trying to pick the perfect baby name for your son or daughter, you might want to rethink choosing an option from one of these baby name categories, all of which were trending majorly down this year. They may not be the worst baby names of all time—but they're the definitely the worst baby names of 2020.

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Creative Baby Name Spellings

Everyone wants their baby to stand out in a crowd, but one of the lousiest ways to do that is to give your child a common name with a really weird spelling. There's a reason why names like Emmarie (Emory), Jaxen/Jaxson (Jackson), Mayson (Mason), and Emilee (Emily) all dropped like rocks on the popularity charts.

And spoiler alert: No matter how uniquely you spell their name, your child will still have a last initial tacked onto it by teachers if there's another Emily/Emilee or Mayson/Mason in their class.

Anything That Resembles the Coronavirus

This year is pretty memorable for a lot of the wrong reasons—do you really want your child to carry that with them as Corona or Kovid? (It doesn't matter that Corona means crown in Spanish—it'll be forever ruined by its connection.) The only exception? Perhaps naming your child for a hero of the pandemic. We're predicting a potential resurgence in Anthonys in honor of Anthony Fauci, for instance.

K Names

The rise of the Kardashians—and their plethora of "K" names—popularized putting a K on any name. Including names that aren't really K names at all (hello, Khloe!). But now that the show's been cancelled, so has the trend of putting a K on names so konsider, these out: Konnor, Kamden, Kadence, Kassidy, and Karson.

Game of Thrones Names

Names like Khaleesi and Yara rose in popularity along with the show—but now that the show is finished (with a very controversial and maligned ending), Khaleesi may begin to rank among the worst baby names of all time. Only Arya continues to increase in popularity.

Word Names—Spelled Wrong

Word names are beautiful and creative—but misspelled word names definitely rank among the worst baby names of 2020. Choose Journey over Jurnee, Heaven over Heavyn, and Denim over Denym.

Brand Names

Your child is more priceless than even the most luxurious products—so why give these brands free advertising? Just say no to names like Dasani, Lexus, and Chanel.

Names That Are a Lot to Live Up To

We all have a lot of hopes and dreams for our kids—but try not to encapsulate that all in your child's name. Picking names like Kingmessiah, Marvelous, Princess, and Wonder may put unnecessary pressure on your kiddo to live up to the hype.

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