These baby names for girls and boys may not be cute, sweet or elegant, but they are most definitely unique. Still, here's why our winners for the worst names of 2019 should give you pause.
Khaleesi, Yugo, Vegas sign, Pansies, Chardonnay, bear cub in illustration
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While thousands of parents named their kids Emma and Noah this year, only a small handful picked these 20 baby names. And that's definitely a good thing in our opinion! Why? Many of our contenders for the worst baby names of 2019 carry more of a negative meaning than some well-meaning parents may realize.

Without further ado, these are the baby names we hope not to see on next year's most popular list for the sake of both society and your kid's future first-grade teacher who will have to memorize how to spell it.

Worst Baby Names for Boys


King + Messiah? Let's just say that's a lot of name for your son to live up to.


Do you really want your beloved baby linked with a defunct automaker who crafted a legendarily bad car?


This nickname baby name pick is adorable now, but not necessarily a long-term choice. (Imagine Supreme Court Justice Cub Smith?)


Love the x, hate the fact that this word is generally followed with the phrase "of evil."


Maybe these parents weren't aware of the crazed serial killer who is forever synonymous with this baby name?


I don't even know why 7 sets of parents thought this name was a good idea.


You're setting your son up for a lifetime of having to repeatedly spell his name for people. ("Yes, that's right. X and then another x.")


Unfortunately, this name has become shorthand for some pretty nasty Southern stereotypes thanks to The Simpsons.


Unless you're giving birth to the next Austin Powers, not sure this name belongs anywhere near a birth certificate.


This baby name sounds like a cheesy '90s boy band that didn't make it big.

Worst Baby Names for Girls


Either this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, or your outspoken daughter's going to be constantly razzed about it.


The toy manufacturer famous for Barbie dolls may be one of the more unusual inspirations for baby names.


Something seems amiss when you give your child this virtue name—but misspell it.


Only next-level wine moms need consider this one. And if they do, we hope they consider how it will sound being called out on her first day of kindergarten!


Admittedly, Khaleesi used to be on the hot baby name list—but my guess is that there's a lot of Khaleesi baby name regret going on after that shocking Game of Thrones character turn.


Unfortunately, this looks like a porn star name. (In other words, a definite worst baby name contender.)


Consider this the ultimate argument for why you should avoid creative spellings.


If you're picking word names, aim higher (like Awesome, which was also bestowed upon five little girls last year).


Let's face it: You're dooming your daughter to a lifetime of very awkward "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" jokes.


Still used as a slur toward LGBTQ+ people—so this floral name may not be ready to make its comeback (no matter what J.K. Rowling thinks).

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