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Baby Name: Vega

Popularity Chart

Boy Girl

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Gender: Either | Origin: English, Latin
Popularity: Familiar

Space explorer names

Celestial names that bring to mind constellations and outer space -- Celeste, Mercury, Luna, Rocket, Vesper, Vega and more

  1. Aero
  2. Aurora
  3. Bellatrix
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Arabic girls

Unusual but pretty names that make us dream of Arabian nights -- Mahala, Jala, Rihana, Sahara, Zara and more

  1. Adara
  2. Aiesha
  3. Alima
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Trembling; light; aunt

Gender: Either | Origin: Latin, Arabic, Hebrew
Popularity: Familiar


Gender: Either | Origin: Arabic
Popularity: Familiar


Short for Cecilia

Gender: Either | Origin: Latin
Popularity: Unusual