These Are the Luckiest Baby Names for Good Fortune for Your Little One

Want to pass some luck onto your child? You may want to consider one of these baby names. According to a new report, these are the "luckiest" monikers of 2020.

If there's one thing we could all use a bit of in 2020, it's some good luck. We can all agree on that, right? At this rate, we're willing to try pretty much anything that could bring good fortune our way—and if you're welcoming a baby in the near future, there's a pretty simple tactic you can try.

Online gambling comparison site released a list of popular "lucky" baby names for 2020, and it offers up pretty solid naming inspiration. According to the site, data indicates that parents are opting for names with meanings that can be tied to good fortune—and many of them are doing so intentionally.

So how do you identify a lucky name, exactly? Well, this report has compiled a few options—20, to be specific, with 10 picks for baby girls and another 10 for baby boys.

If you're expecting a daughter, Evangeline, Beatrice and Felicity are three classic picks that all carry "lucky" meanings. In search of a more modern pick? Jade, Clover, and Octavia may fit the bill, while Kiara (which has Hindi roots) and Amber (which is linked to an Arabic meaning) have more global connections. Topping the list of lucky names for baby girls is Iris, which means rainbow (a symbol of luck in Irish mythology).

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As for baby boy names, we have traditional picks like Benedict, Bennett, and Edmund as well as trendy monikers like Asher, Fisher, and Felix. Some great unisex picks appear here as well: Quinn, Chance, Seven, and Arley round out the list.

We also have some insight into why parents might be choosing lucky names right now—and the trend is more common than you might have thought. "When asked 'Would you give your baby a 'lucky' name?', over three quarters (78 percent) said that they would consider it. However, the remaining 22 percent of parents disliked the idea of a 'lucky' baby name," shares in a blog post. "Interestingly, of those that said they would consider giving their child a lucky name, a whopping 94 percent of respondents believed that by giving their newborn a name with connotations of good luck, in the hope that it would help them later in life."

These results were compiled after surveying the current most popular baby names courtesy of, as well as a survey of 3,428 respondents.

So what do you think: Would you specifically seek out a name that carries a meaning that can be linked to good luck? Or would this simply be a nice byproduct of choosing a name you love for other reasons?

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