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Baby Name: Ricky

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Gender: Either | Origin: English, American, Scottish
Popularity: Familiar

Top American boys' names of the 1950s

In the 50s, Americans were listening to doo wop, boogie woogie, and rock and roll, and were naming their boys Jeffrey, Kevin, Dennis, Daniel, Larry, Terry, Ricky, Dale, Alan and more

  1. James
  2. Michael
  3. Robert
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Rock; short for Rocco

Gender: Either | Origin: English, German, American
Popularity: Familiar


Modern adaptation of Riley

Gender: Either | Origin: American, English
Popularity: Familiar

Classic TV

Names from classic sitcoms and televison shows that bring you back to happy days and brady bunches -- Archie, Cliff, Haskell, Ginger, Tabitha, Rhoda and more

  1. Annette
  2. Archie
  3. Blondie
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Variation of Pascal

Gender: Either | Origin: American, English
Popularity: Unusual