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Baby Name: Mamie

Popularity Chart

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Gender: Girl | Origin: English, Greek
Popularity: Popular

Grandma/grandpa names that are cool again

Old fashioned boys' and girls' names from Grandma and Grandpa that are cool once again—Ada, Beatrice, Henry, Mabel and more

  1. Ada
  2. Adelaide
  3. Agatha
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American First Ladies

Girls' names that rang through the White House, and we think they'll sound pretty ringing through your house, too -- Ida, Jane, Jacqueline, Loisa, Betty and more

  1. Abigail
  2. Anna
  3. Barbara
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Form of Helen

Gender: Girl | Origin: English, Greek, French
Popularity: Familiar


Combination of Rose and Anne

Gender: Girl | Origin: Greek, English
Popularity: Unusual


Variation of Helen; bright

Gender: Girl | Origin: Greek, English
Popularity: Familiar