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Baby Name: Luisa

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Fair rose

Gender: Girl | Origin: French, Teutonic, Spanish
Popularity: Familiar

Baby Names If You’re Obsessed with “Jane the Virgin”

You don’t have to have been accidentally artificially inseminated with your dreamboat boss’ sperm to name your baby after a character from the popular telenovela, “Jane the Virgin.”

  1. Jane
  2. Alba
  3. Rafael
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Spanish names

These bold boys' and girls' names are favorites in Spain -- Alejandro, Alfonso,Benito, Guadalupe, Guillermo, Joaquin, Marisol, Perla, Paz, Yolanda, Yvonne and more

  1. Abril
  2. Adriana
  3. Alberto
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Gender: Girl | Origin: Teutonic, German


Short for Tallulah (running water)

Gender: Girl | Origin: Teutonic, Native American
Popularity: Unusual


Victorious counselor

Gender: Girl | Origin: Teutonic, Scandinavian
Popularity: Unusual