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Baby Name: Lourdes

Popularity Chart

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Gender: Girl | Origin: Latin, French
Popularity: Familiar


Yew wood

Gender: Girl | Origin: French
Popularity: Familiar

Classic place names

Get out your map! And pick one of these exotic (or not so exotic) place names -- Geneva, Dixie, Lourdes, Paris, Savannah, Troy and more

  1. Alexandria
  2. Asia
  3. Austin
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Shiny material

Gender: Girl | Origin: French, English


Born again

Gender: Girl | Origin: French
Popularity: Familiar

Celebrity babies

The wild and wacky names celebrities give their babies—Avis, Beckett, Jamison, Piper, Story, Kal-el, Indiana, Cruz, Ever, Bluebell, Blanket and more

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  2. Banjo
  3. Beckett
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