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Baby Name: Kent

Popularity Chart

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From Wales

Gender: Boy | Origin: Celtic, French, English
Popularity: Familiar


Oak-tree ford

Gender: Boy | Origin: English, Celtic, Scottish
Popularity: Familiar

Soap-opera hunks

Bold and beautiful baby names from hot soap-opera characters -- Hutch, Jett, Brent, Jax, Lance, Troy, Stryder, Stone, Stryker and more

  1. Blaine
  2. Blake
  3. Blaze
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Son of Peter

Gender: Boy | Origin: Celtic, English
Popularity: Familiar


Barrel maker

Gender: Boy | Origin: Celtic, German, English
Popularity: Unusual

Comic Book Hero Names

Your little one is sure to write his/her own great story with one of these names from your favorite comic books.

  1. Peter
  2. Parker
  3. May
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