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Baby Name: Kathy

Popularity Chart

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Ash-tree pool/dream

Gender: Girl | Origin: Celtic, American, English, Irish
Popularity: Popular



Gender: Girl | Origin: Celtic, English, Gaelic
Popularity: Unusual


Crowned with laurel

Gender: Girl | Origin: Celtic, English
Popularity: Unusual

Top American girls' names of the 1950s

You Love Lucy (and Denise, Teresa, Paula, Gail, Bonnie and more) -- popular girls' names in the 1950s

  1. Mary
  2. Linda
  3. Patricia
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Top American girls' names of the 1960s

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  1. Lisa
  2. Mary
  3. Susan
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Short for Melissa, Melinda, Melanie

Gender: Girl | Origin: Greek, English
Popularity: Unusual