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Baby Name: Kai

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Hawaiian names

Get tropical with these unique Hawaiian boys' and girls' names -- Akeelah, Hana, Iolana, Kai, Kaleena, Ulani and more

  1. Akeelah
  2. Aloha
  3. Halia
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Short for Wilhelmina (helmet)

Gender: Either | Origin: Teutonic, Arabic, German
Popularity: Familiar


Industrious, strong

Gender: Either | Origin: English, German
Popularity: Popular

One-syllable girl and boy names

You won't need to come up with a nickname for your baby girl or boy if you choose one of these simple yet classic short names.

  1. Ann
  2. Art
  3. Ayn
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Scottish boys

Don your kilt and pick out a popular Scottish boys' names for your wee laddie

  1. Lewis
  2. Jack
  3. Ryan
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Nickname for Frederica

Gender: Either | Origin: German