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Baby Name: Judy

Popularity Chart

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Female sheep

Gender: Girl | Origin: Hebrew
Popularity: Popular


Laurel, crown

Gender: Girl | Origin: Hebrew, American
Popularity: Popular

Top American girls' names of the 1950s

You Love Lucy (and Denise, Teresa, Paula, Gail, Bonnie and more) -- popular girls' names in the 1950s

  1. Mary
  2. Linda
  3. Patricia
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Gender: Girl | Origin: Hebrew, Aramaic
Popularity: Familiar

Top American girls' names of the 1940s

Names popular in the 1940s for your darling Clementine (or Sandra, Judith, Margaret, Shirley, Donna or Virginia)

  1. Mary
  2. Barbara
  3. Patricia
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Lily flower

Gender: Girl | Origin: Hebrew, Latin
Popularity: Popular