Find the Most Popular Gender-Neutral Baby Name in Your State

Unisex baby names have become all the rage on the playground. But depending on where your playground is located, you're probably going to hear a lot more of one name in particular. Can you guess which it is?

gender neutral baby names on map of USA

There's a lot to love about gender-neutral baby names—like the fact that you and your mate only have to settle on a single name. So it's no surprise that some of the most popular baby names in the U.S. can work beautifully for boys or girls.

According to data from the baby name registry from the Social Security Administration, more than 70,000 babies received gender-neutral names in 2015. And in 2017, a whopping 15 percent of babies born in the U.S. were given gender-neutral names, according to figures reported by author Melanie Mannarino in The Best Gender-Neutral Baby Name Book.

But the same names don't have the same popularity everywhere in the country. NetCredit took their name trend research a step further and analyzed 2018 data from the Social Security Administration to pinpoint the most popular gender-neutral names by state.

So what names will be taking over your playgrounds and preschools in a few years? Here's what they found:


Charlie reigned supreme in 2018 as the most popular gender-neutral name in the U.S. And it topped the charts in a handful of states, including Alabama, Alaska, California, Idaho, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah.


Rowan was a favorite of parents of both boys and girls in Illinois, Oregon, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Vermont.


Parents in the northern half of the country loved this gender-fluid Irish name. It was the top name in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Michigan, Iowa, Washington, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

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Southern parents loved gender-neutral names starting with P—like Parker, which was popular in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Maryland.


A sweet favorite associated with the classic writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emerson is the unisex name beloved in Michigan and Colorado.


This stylish occupation name, most commonly associated with the hero of Mark Twain's classic novel Tom Sawyer, was most popular with parents of either sex in Delaware, Kansas, and Montana.


A preppy yet flexible baby name, Peyton was favored by parents in Wyoming and Louisiana.


This fierce mythological bird inspired new parents of boys and girls in Missouri and Arkansas.


Riley has been one of the most popular gender-neutral names of all time—and it still reigns supreme in Maine, Indiana, and South Dakota.


East Coast parents of all sexes love the name Hayden, currently super popular in Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Virginia.


West Virginia and Kentucky natives love this romantic unisex name.


A clever way to get to the gender-neutral nickname Remy, Remington was beloved by parents in two of our "O" states—Oklahoma and Ohio.

There were several names that only topped the charts in only one state. Hawaiian parents love the name Royal, while Azariah is the favorite in New Mexico. Ariel is a favorite in New York, while Rhode Island's top unisex name is Quinn.

But the ultimate top name wasn't on this list—Casey's been picked for boys and girls since mid-20th-century.

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