Double the baby girls, double the cute baby girl names you get to choose! If you're seeking stylish twin girl names, let these ideas inspire you.

By Lisa Milbrand
March 12, 2018
newborn twins holding hands
Credit: Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

Settling on one great name for your baby can be hard—finding a pair of names that you and your mate can agree on? Even harder. Twin girl names should share something in common—a beginning initial, a similar style, a certain meaning—but without getting too close. (Name them Maya and Mia, and you're going to make it even harder to call them by the appropriate name.)

Looking for the perfect pair for your girls? Start with these ideas to inspire you.

Alexandra and Charlotte

These timeless baby names are feminine, but come with cute boyish nicknames—Alex and Charlie.

Ella and Emma

This pair of baby names has become the most popular choice for twin girl names. Emma is currently the most popular name overall in the U.S., with Ella clocking in at #17.

Bella and Jolie

Consider choosing twin girl names that share the same meaning—both Bella and Jolie mean "beautiful." Other "beautiful" names include Abigail, Bonita, and Callista.

Ruby and Violet

Choose a pair of colorful monikers that aren't simply matched—Ruby is the red precious gem, and Violet the sweet purple-hued bloom.

Hazel and Laurel

Don't want to go with the common Rose and Lily botanical pairing? Opt for two verdant tree names, like Hazel and Laurel.

Esme and Stella

Consider names that share some sounds, without being too matchy-matchy. Esme means "beloved," and Stella means "star."

Freya and Gaia

Go all goddess with this pair of names—Freya is the Norse goddess of love, while Gaia is the Roman earth goddess. (Other deified names for girls include Selene, Diana, and Athena.)

Eve and Zoe

Eve and Zoe are a short and sweet pair that shares similar meanings—both mean "life."

Olivia and Sophia

Another uber-popular choice of twin girl names is this set, which features the current #2 and #4 baby names for girls.

Clementine and Cerise

These baby names share an initial, but without sharing the same sound (hard C for Clementine, soft C for Cerise). And they're in the same style—Clementine is an orange, while Cerise is the French word for cherry.

India and Adelaide

Use a map to find your way to the perfect set of twin girl names—India after the country, Adelaide after the city in Australia. Other potential place names include Jamaica, Savannah, Sierra, and Sahara.

Frida and Georgia

These sweet baby names have a subtle link. They're inspired by a pair of artists: Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe. Similar options: Try Charlotte and Emily (after the Bronte sisters), or Amelia and Nellie (after bold explorers Amelia Earhart and Nellie Bly).

Marley and Rory

This pair of unisex baby names can also work for a boy/girl or boy/boy set of twins. Other gender-neutral name options include Finley, Cameron, Quinn, Blake, Parker, and Remy.