Looking for a pair of stylish names for your set of twins? Try these twin baby names for your boys.

By Lisa Milbrand
March 13, 2018

Double the boys means double the baby names you need to choose. But finding the right twin boy names doesn't have to be a huge challenge. While some parents look for baby names that are very similar in tone or share the same initial, you can pick names that go well together in more subtle ways. Here's a few options to consider.

Jacob and Joshua

Jacob and Joshua are the top twin boy names in the U.S.—a pair of Biblical names that are each in the top 50 in their own right.

Ethan and Evan

Ethan and Evan are the second most popular choice for twin boys. Ethan is a top 10 name in its own right. It means "strong," and was featured in the Old Testament. Evan is in the top 75 baby names, and is a variant of the timeless John. It means "the Lord is gracious."

Sawyer and Cooper

This pair of occupational names has been among the top 100 for boys recently. They work well together, without being too similar. Other potential options? Try Archer, Carter, Hunter, Tanner, and Walker.

Finn and Liam

Consider picking a pair of twin boy names that have the same origin—both Finn and Liam are Irish names, that mean "fair" and "resolute protection" respectively.

Jet and Jasper

This cool set of baby names is precious—literally. Jasper and Jet are two different types of precious stones.

Leo and Owen

Look for a pair of names with similar sound profiles: Owen is a popular Welsh name that means "young warrior," while Leo is a top 100 pick that means "lion."

Oliver and Xavier

Oliver and Xavier share the final "er" sound. Oliver's currently in the top 20 in popularity, and means (not-so-surprisingly) "olive tree." Xavier means "bright," and is currently on the rise in the U.S.

Asher and Felix

To give a subtle theme to your sons' names, consider choosing names that share the same meaning. Both Asher and Felix mean "happiness," a wonderful theme for your name picks.

Jonathan and Theodore

Stick with the classics with this pair of twin boy names. The bonus? Both come with cute nicknames (Jon and Theo), and they share a meaning—gift from God.

Milo and Noah

This offbeat pairing of two-syllable names shares similar vowel sounds, making them complementary without getting too matchy-matchy.

Kai and Knox

Go with the same initials, but without quite the same sound. Kai is a Hawaiian name that means "sea," while Knox comes from Scotland and means "round hill."


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