Baby Names: How To Name Twins and Multiples

You've had the perfect baby name in mind for as long as you can remember, but your sonogram revealed two heartbeats. Here's the best way to name multiples.


Expecting multiples means more joy, as well as finding more names you adore. Here are three tips for naming twins. First, be fair and square. Think about style. Don't give one twin a classic name like James, and the other a more creative name like Jett. And if you pick a frilly name like Arabella for one daughter, you should give the other daughter an equally fancy name like Calista. That's something unisex like Bailey. If using family names, pick ones that carry similar weight. Don't make one son a Junior and give the other the name of your great, great grandfather. Most importantly, avoid a name gimmick. It may sound cute to give your kids rhyming names or ones that start with the same letter, or even theme names like Hope and Faith. But experts say these kinds of names can imply your kids are interchangeable. Besides, naming your boys Aiden and Braden pretty much guarantees you'll call them by the wrong names, anyway. For more on baby names, check out our baby name blog, In Name Only.

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