Want to know which names were hottest in 2012? The official government stats aren't due until the middle of 2013, but in the meantime, take a sneak peek what topped the charts here on Parents.com.

1. Liam This Irish name, a shortened version of William, placed 15th on the Social Security Administration's list last year -- but it ruled on our site. Look for it to move into the top 10 list of names for boys.

2. Olivia As any elementary school teacher can attest, this name has been in the top 10 for girls since the turn of the 21st century, and it's still climbing -- perhaps its top ranking here means it's finally ready to push aside current leader, Sophia?

3. Ava This simply sweet girls' name means "life," and it is currently #5 on the girls' name list, right behind Olivia.

4. Ethan This old-school name means "strength," and based on its popularity on Parents.com, it's ready to move past the other "-an" names into the limelight.

5. Grayson The popularity of the swank soap opera Revenge may be behind the sudden rise for this surname-as-a-name moniker. Grayson barely hit the top 100 last year, but looks poised for a steep rise in 2012.

6. Mia Ranked third among girls' names on Parents.com, the lovely Mia, which means "mine," has gone from #93 in 2000 to #9 on the official Social Security Administration list.

7. Connor Another favorite with Irish roots, Connor means "dog lover." It ranks much higher here on Parents.com than it does on the U.S. lists, which placed it at #54 last year.

8. Isabella Isabella was queen of the charts for 2009 and 2010, before falling back into second place in 2011. This Spanish take on Elizabeth rose to popularity in part due to the megapopular Twilight saga, and looks like it won't be straying too far from the top for 2012.

9. Avery This unisex name, which means "ruler of the elves," seems to have been taken over by the girls. Expect this currently top 20 name to make a play for the top 10 girls' monikers.

10. Cadence This musical name hasn't broken the top 200 on the official name lists, but it seems to pique the interest of Parents.com readers -- it ranked sixth among girls' names on our site.


11. Emma This former chart topper is still incredibly popular -- it's a charmingly simple name with an apropos meaning of "universal."

12. Zoe This Greek name that means "life," reached #47 on the U.S. name list in 2011, and clearly it's going to be on the rise again this year.

13. Dylan This unisex Welsh name has proven to be popular for both boys and girls -- and it's the 12th most popular name on Parents.com.

14. Emily This sweetly old-fashioned name has topped the charts for more than a decade now. It's one of the triumvirate of fashionable M-sounding names: Emily, Emma and Amelia.

15. Bradley Parents.com readers seem to be ahead of the trends on this one -- while Bradley, which means "wide meadow," is only 179 in the U.S., it's ranking much higher among our fans.

16. Ryan Irish names are red-hot for boys -- and this classic name means "little king."

17. Caden People who were tired of Jaden, Brayden and Aidan but wanted that same sound crafted this name, which is clearly becoming popular here in the U.S.

18. Chloe This Greek name, which means "green seedling," has become extremely popular, along with the Kardashian-inspired alternate spelling, Khlo?.

19. Aidan Although the variant spelling Aiden has become even more popular (currently in the top 10), Aidan, which means "fiery," helped launch the whole Braden, Jaden, Grayden craze.

20. Elizabeth One of the ultimate timeless baby names, Elizabeth hasn't been out of the top 20 names since the 1880s. It means "consecrated to God," and comes with a multitude of nicknames, including Bette, Beth, Eliza, and Ellie.

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