From unique spellings to surprising pop culture picks, check out the very uncommon baby names some parents are giving their kids.

By Lisa Milbrand
June 08, 2015
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While most of the buzz around baby names focuses on the uber-popular monikers at the top of the Social Security Administration's annual list, sometimes it's worthwhile to troll the bottom, too, where baby names that were given to only five or six kids in the whole country reside. There you'll find lots of very uniquely spelled variants on common names (we're talking Krisstopher, Airick, Maisyn, Addisun, Sharlett, and Charitee), unique foreign names (like Yiyi and Xinran), and names that you have to see to believe. Here's a peek at some of the wildest (and perhaps not surprisingly, least-common) picks on the current baby name list.

Brand Names

Should your kiddo be branded for life? That seems to be the strategy behind several wild name picks. Both boys and girls were given the name Evian, while boys sported Yugo, Nissan, Polo, Nike, Benz, and Camry -- and girls were given alternate spellings of high-end brand names: Porscha and Kartier.

Place Names

Brooklyn and Austin top the list of destination baby names, but you'll find a whole bunch of more exotic locales used as baby names at the bottom of the list. For boys, there's Maui, Knoxville, Berlin, Taos, Compton, and Brazil. On the girls' side, there's Zealand, Cayman, Disney, Graceland, Sweden, Seattle, Ibiza, Iran, and Hawaii.

Really?! Names

We're all for baby names that suggest traits and gifts you'd like your children to possess. But that makes us wonder about the parents of kids with names like Furious, Mayhem, and Rage. Among the other questionable choices: Danger, Dagger, Gamble, Crash, Swastik, Savage, Stalin, Pistol and Demon for boys; and Moxxi, Blayze, Phoenixx, Shalimar, and Kandy for girls.

Musical Names

Music inspired more than a few names at the bottom of the list. For girls, you'll find Lyrics, Coda, and Lorde (after the singer, we presume), and boys with the names Rocker, Cobain, Chord, Tenor, Strummer, Mozart, and Treble.

How Do You Spell It?! Names

Some parents think a unique spelling helps their child stand out from the rest -- and that's where we get bottom dwellers like Wylde, Wizdom, Tyme, Krimson, Khaos, Kaliber, and Jerzy for boys, and Yunique, Truely, Justiss, Iceis, and Promyce for girls.

Pop Culture Picks

While top pop culture names like Arya and Khaleesi from Game of Thrones rank higher on the list, you'll find a slew of pop culture baby names at the bottom, too. Fellow Game of Thrones names Tywin, Sandor, Samwise, and Jorah are at the bottom, along with Severus and Remus from Harry Potter, and pop culture names like Sherlock, Rambo, Stallone, and Anikin (a misspelling of Star Wars chart riser Anakin). For girls, the pop culture list is much shorter: The Walking Dead's Michonne, Star Wars universe name Marajade, a misspelling of Twilight character Renezme, and John Lennon's paramour, Yoko, are among the picks.

Positive Thinking Names

Looking to accentuate the positive? There are plenty of names out there -- Winner, Blessed/Blessing, and Shine/Shiny appeared for both boys and girls. Boys also sported the names Valiant, Patriot, Legendary, Pride, Handsome, Brilliant, Awesome, and Honour, while girls were given the names Pretty, Knowledge, Heart, Finesse, Special, Joyous, and Joyful.

Natural Wonders

Nature names like Violet, Sage, and Juniper may be on the rise, but you can find some fun options at the bottom of the list as well. Boys were given the names Swan, Moss, Lotus, Harvest, Nature, Lynx, Thorn, Breeze, and Jaguar, while girls had a pick of floral names like Winterrose, Petunia, and Alyssum, or other nature-themed names like Cove, Season, Solstice, and Feather.

Godly Names

With names like Messiah, Nevaeh (heaven backwards), and Angel retaining popularity, many parents-to-be are looking for different options. Religious-inspired baby names include Prophet, Koran, Mercury, Hades, Dionysus, Hermes, Saviour, and Psalm for boys, while some girls got the Biblical book name Exodus, along with Kismet and Vesta.

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