Spring Baby Names We Love

Take your pick of these beautiful baby names that celebrate the season of rebirth and renewal.
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Got spring fever -- or just a spring due date? If you're pregnant and expecting in the coming months, celebrate your babe's birth season with one of these fresh baby names for your son or daughter.

Anemone If you're looking for a rarer floral name than the classic Lily and Rose, try this bright and beautiful spring bloom on for size.

Atherton This offbeat British name means "from the town by the spring."

Aviva The Hebrew word for "springtime" inspired this fresh alternative to the í¼ber-popular Ava/Eva/Vivian picks.

Avril April has been a perennial spring favorite, so consider this French variant on the month, popularized by pop singer Avril Lavigne.

Brigit This Irish classic is the name of the Celtic goddess of spring.

Cerise The French word for "cherry," this name can pay homage to the proliferation of cherry blossoms in the spring.

Chloe Skip the Kardashianized Khloé and go with this Greek classic, which means "green sprout."

Ingrid Silver-screen legend Ingrid Bergman adds extra glamour to this appealing name, associated with the Scandinavian goddess of fertility and spring.

Iris These majestic perennial blooms appear every spring -- and make for a lovely, vintage floral baby name.

Mae This sweet alternative spelling for the month of May has become a popular middle name, but we love it as a simple, pretty first name too.

Neville This fresh French name means "new town," and is now linked with Harry Potter's heroic classmate Neville Longbottom.

Pascal This French name means "Easter." Nerdy types may like its connection to a computer programming language and a 17th-century mathematician who invented a mechanical calculator.

Persephone The ancient Greek goddess of the spring sports this offbeat name that may be ready for prime time, thanks to the newfound popularity of old-school Greek names (think Athena and Penelope).

Robin The red-breasted bird is often considered the first harbinger of spring -- and can be used for both boys and girls.

Vasant Looking for something more exotic for your son? Try Vasant, the Sanskrit word for "spring."

Welby Try out this picturesque British import, which means "farm by the spring."

Willow Pussy willows are one of the first garden plants to bloom -- so consider this newly popular nature name for your daughter.

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