100+ Sweet Southern Baby Names for Boys and Girls

You don't have to live in the South (or be a cowboy) to love these southern baby names for boys and girls inspired by famous by country superstars, charming cities, beautiful landscapes, and more.

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Southern Place Names


Some of the best Southern baby names come from favorite places in the region. For girls, you might consider names like Virginia, Alexandria, Abilene, Atlanta, Virginia, Savannah, Carolina, and Georgia. Boys have their own share of up-and-coming monikers inspired by Southern cities and states, like Tennessee, Macon, Austin, Montgomery, Raleigh, and Memphis.

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Nature Baby Names


Skip the more traditional Southern baby names and go with something that's inspired by nature. For your daughter, you could opt for one of a veritable garden of floral names, including Magnolia, Azalea, Bluebell, Camellia, Lavender, Lily, Myrtle, Wisteria, Gardenia, Forsythia and Daisy—or try Sage, Fern or Garland for boys or girls. Or choose some animal options, like charming Bee, Birdie, Wren or Cricket for girls, or rugged Colt or Buck for boys. Gem names like Opal or Pearl for girls and Jasper for boys should definitely be on your radar as perfect names for your precious little one. Geographic names like Delta, Ridge, River, Bayou and Lake could be worth considering, too.

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Country Classic Southern Baby Names


Whether the names are inspired by country legends or by the classic songs they created, choosing names that have a little bit of country in them will definitely be a big hit. For girls, consider names like June, Jolene, Dolly, Lucille, Loretta, Reba, Charlene, Elvira, Evangeline, or Patsy. For boys, try Waylon, Cash, Judd, Hank, Earl, Merle, Blake, or Conway.

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Cowboy (and Cowgirl!) Names


Looking for a name with a little bit of rodeo swagger for your little one? There are plenty of options out there, whether you pick a name associated with a real-life (or fictional) character from the Wild West, or a name associated with a manufacturer of cowboy gear. Stetson, Wyatt, Luke, Bowie, Wayne, Shane, Colton, and Jesse make stylish name picks for boys; or consider options like Dale, Annie, Cassidy, Clementine, Cheyenne, and Kit for girls. Oakley (after famous sharpshooter Annie Oakley) and Remington (with a shortened form of Remy) work beautifully for boys or girls.

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Compound Names


Most common for girls, compound names smush together two names into one—like Maribelle, Annamae, and Annabelle—or they're names where the parents intend for the first and middle to always be used together, like Mary Grace. For boys, John Michael, John Patrick, or John David are popular picks.

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Surname Baby Names


Southern parents love to use last names for the first name—especially for boys. Obviously, you might decide to honor a name plucked from your own family tree, but if not, consider these beloved surname baby name options. For boys, some of the options include Gatlin (one of the top up-and-coming baby names in the U.S.), Nash, Jackson, Knox, Brooks, Hayes, Mercer, and Reed. For girls, Bellamy, Flannery, Shelby, and Greer make great options.

Sutton, Grayson, Quinn, Hollis, Ellis, and Emerson can be used for both boys and girls, if you're looking for a stylish unisex baby name option.

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Southern Nickname Baby Names


If you'd rather go for something a little informal for your little one, you can't beat a nickname name—and there are plenty of cute and clever options that have plenty of Southern flair. For girls, names like Hattie, Dixie, Nellie, Scout, Rae, Cookie, Millie, Minnie, Callie and Zadie are cool picks. For boys: Roy, Ray, Bubba, Butch, Buddy, Tex, Huck, Jed, Judd, Gus, Frankie, Bobby, and Bo. (Remember: If you're a little worried that your little one might not appreciate being "Buddy" the nuclear physicist, you can always opt for a more formal official name, with the intention of calling your kiddo Buddy.)

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Vintage Southern Baby Names


Everything old comes back into vogue eventually—and that's especially true for baby names. So check out the names of your ancestors—they could provide some stellar baby name inspiration for you. And if your great-grandparents' names don't fit your vibe, not to worry: Consider one of these old-fashioned, Southern-style baby name picks that are starting to become more popular again for your little one.

For boys, Beau, Percy, Earl, Thaddeus, Rufus, Wayon, Rhett, Atticus, Travis, Jeremiah, Tyrell, and Sterling are all classics. For girls, try Belle, Portia, Calpurnia, Blanche, Vivian, Odette, Tallulah, Ida, Tara, Whitney, Adelaide, Mabel and Alma.

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Occupational Names


Names associated with a profession are red-hot throughout the country, but especially down south. We're talking about names like Wilder, Thatcher, Walker, Hunter, Tucker, Harper, and Sawyer — many of which can be used for boys or girls.

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Collegiate Baby Names


Pay homage to your alma mater or favorite institution of higher learning—especially if that's where you and your mate met—by naming your baby after it. It's a charming choice if you attended one of the top Southern schools, like Duke, Baylor, Emory, Clemson, Auburn, Tulane, Elon (though people might think you named your baby after Tesla founder Elon Musk!), Mercer, Howard, and Morehouse.

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