These popular Christian names have meanings full of faith and religion. 


The most popular Biblical baby names rank among the top baby names of all time. If you're looking for one of the best Biblical names that tie into the Old and New Testament, try one of these meaningful options.


Andrew has been in the top 50 baby names for more than half a century. Andrew means "strong," and it was the name of an Apostle.


Currently in the top 10, Benjamin hasn't been outside the top 100 for more than 50 years. It means "son of the right hand," and it was the name of the youngest son of the Old Testament's Rachel and Jacob.


Daniel hasn't been outside the top 20 boys' names for nearly a century. Daniel has his own book in the Bible, with the story of a man who receives visions of the apocalypse, Daniel was also mentioned several other times in the Old Testament.


The definition of an underdog, tiny David bested the giant Goliath. David means "beloved," and has been in the top 20 baby names for almost a century.


Elijah has been a top 50 favorite for nearly 50 years. It's the name of an Old Testament prophet who rode a chariot of fire up to Heaven. Elijah has one of the most common Biblical meaning of names, "Yahweh is God."


Jacob topped the charts for several years recently, thanks in part to its usage as the wolfy member of the Twilight love triangle. The name currently sits at #7 on the U.S. baby name charts—and was used in the Bible for one of the leaders of the tribes of Israel.


John was a popular name throughout the Bible, used for the prophet John the Baptist, an Apostle, and of course, one of the Gospels. John reigned as the top baby name right through the 1950s, and currently appears at number 28 on the top baby name list.


One of the most popular Biblical names of all time, Joseph has only fallen out of the top 20 once, back in 2015. The name means "Jehovah increases," and it was the name of Mary's husband.


Matthew is the author of one of the New Testament gospels, an Apostle, and the name given to a slew of celebrities, from Matt Damon to two of the stars of Friends, Matthew Perry and Matt LaBlanc. One of the most popular Biblical names, Matthew currently sits at #15 on the U.S. charts, and means "gift of God."


This archangel's name has been in the top 10 forever, and was the most popular name in the country from the 1960s through the 1990s—as you can likely tell by the preponderance of Mikes and Michaels in your group of friends.


Noah currently tops the charts for baby names in the U.S. The name means "wandering," apropos for its inspiration—the Biblical story of Noah, who filled his ark with animals to weather the flood.


A current top 10 favorite—and in the top 100 for the past 30 years—Abigail means "my father is joyful." She was David's wife in the Old Testament.


A Biblical prophet, the name Anna means "grace." Anna currently ranks just outside the top 50 baby names for girls.


One of the most timeless baby names of all time, Elizabeth means "consecrated to God." Saint Elizabeth was the mother of Saint John the Baptist.


A top 40 favorite for the last three decades, Hannah shares the meaning of its cousin name, Anna—"grace." Hannah comes from the Old Testament, as the mother of Samuel.


A top 200 favorite for nearly 50 years, Leah is currently one of the most popular Biblical names of all time. Leah, a Hebrew name that means "weary," was the first wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.


The most popular girls' name of all time—and the name given to the mother of Jesus in the New Testament—Mary has lost a little of its luster lately. Mary means "bitter."


This variant spelling of Mary could be a fresher way to pay homage to the mother of Jesus—or a Mary in your own family tree. Miriam actually has a different meaning, "wished-for child," and is currently in the top 300 girls' names.


Phoebe may be most popularly associated in modern times with the ditzy Friend played by Lisa Kudrow, but Phoebe also appeared as an early leader of the Catholic Church in the New Testament. This Christian name means "radiant one," and is currently on a red-hot streak lasting back to when Friends first hit the air.


A top 200 pick, Rachel is an Old Testament pick, which means "ewe." It was the name of the second wife of Jacob.


Rebecca is one of the most popular Biblical names, given to the wife of Isaac. The name means "servant of God."


A top 50 favorite for more than a half a century, Sarah means "princess," and was used in the Old Testament for the wife of Abraham.