Islamic Names for Boys and Girls

If you're looking for Muslim names, here are some of the most popular picks for your baby boy and girl.

Need a Muslim baby name? Our list can help you decide.

You'll find some of the most popular—and most intriguing—baby name options among the Islamic names for boys and girls. Check out these options for your child.


One of the loveliest Muslim names, Aisha was the name of the prophet Mohammed's favorite wife. It means "prosperous," and is just outside the top 500 baby names for girls.


One of the more unique Islamic names for girls, Aziza means "beloved."


Charlie's Angels star Farrah Fawcett is the biggest claim to fame for this pretty name that means "happiness."


Iconic model Iman popularized this pretty name, which means "faith."


One of the prettiest Islamic names for girls, Jamilah means "beautiful and graceful."


This elegant name means "everlasting."


An Arabic baby name that means "night," Layla's currently in the top 50 baby names, thanks to Eric Clapton's iconic song.


Currently in the top 1000, Noor is an Arabic pick that means "light." Queen Noor of Jordan is the most famous bearer of this Muslim name.


Actress Rashida Jones is the most famous wearer of this bold baby name, which means "righteous."


This stylish Arabic name means "safe," though it's actress Salma Hayek, who was born in Mexico, who popularized the name.


Singer Shakira sports this completely apropos name—it means "woman of grace."


An exotic floral name, Yasmine means "jasmine."


This lovely baby name means "flower," and just hit the top 1000 in the U.S. in the past five years.


One of the most popular Islamic names for boys, Abdul means "servant of Allah."


This Arabic name is another variation of Muhammad, and it means "praised."


Currently in the top 350 baby names, Ali means "supreme." It's no wonder that Muhammad Ali picked it as his surname when he opted to change his name from Cassius Clay.


This sweet baby name means "springtime."


This Arabic take on David shares its meaning, "beloved."


One of the most beloved Islamic names for boys, Jamal means "beauty." It's currently n the top 700 baby names.


A top 500 baby name, Khalil means "friend." Poet Khalil Gibran was the most well-known bearer of the name.


TV's Doctor Oz is one of the most famous wearers of this name, a variation on Muhammad. It means "praiseworthy."


No matter how you spell it, the name of the founder of Islam remains one of the most popular Muslim names for boys. It means "praiseworthy."


Actor Omar Sharif is one of the most famous bearers of this name, which means "eloquent." It's currently in the top 250 names in the U.S.


An Arabic name that means "jovial," Samir is currently in the top 800 boys' names.


This Armenian name means "carries a sword." It was the name of one of the earliest converts to the religion.


Looking for an alternative to popular names like Mason, Aidan, and Gavin? Try Parvin, which has a lovely meaning—"a cluster of stars."


An Arabic take on the classic Joseph, Yusuf means "Allah increases." Singer Cat Stevens took the name Yusuf Islam after he converted to Islam.


The "z" initial has become trendy, but this classic name comes from the earliest days of Islam. It's the name of Muhammad's adoptive son, and means "growing."


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