100+ Rainbow Baby Names With Miraculous Meanings

Looking for a name with special significance to give to a beloved baby who comes after a pregnancy loss? We have the perfect rainbow baby names for your little one.

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Names That Mean Rainbow


If you're looking for rainbow baby names, why not start with names that actually mean rainbow! Start with Iris, the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow—depicted as a lovely young woman with golden wings. Other baby name options that mean rainbow are the pretty, feminine Iridiana, and for boys, Walken. (Of course, you could always be bold and go with the word name Rainbow, a rare baby name selection.

If you don't want to be quite that literal, pick any color of the rainbow to inspire your baby's name. For girls, choose a color from the rainbow—Scarlett, Coral, Marigold, Giada, Mazarine, and Violet could suit the bill.

Rainbow color names for boys could include Rory, Cyan, and Cobalt.

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Names That Mean Joyful


Express your joy about your new daughter by literally giving her a name that means joy. Keep it simple by choosing the word name Joy, or even give it a little French flair with Joie. Other names that mean joy include the top 20 favorite Abigail, charming Allegra, and the sweetly old-fashioned Letitia.

For boys, Arnan and Winston both mean joyful.

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Names That Mean Miracle


After a pregnancy loss, a new baby feels pretty miraculous—so why not express that in the name? Milagros is a Spanish take on miracle, or consider Mireille to give it a little French flair. For boys, the name Aaron means miracle.

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Names That Mean Blessing


If you're feeling especially #blessed, express it by choosing rainbow baby names that mean blessing. There are plenty of boys' names that fit the bill, including Bennett, Benedict, Barack and Asher.

For girls, Gwyneth, Beatrice, Isadora, and Winifred share the same meaning.

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Names That Mean Happiness


Top picks for this cheerful sentiment include Felix and Felicity. Leda, Farrah, Blythe and Hillary are also happy names for girls, while Isaac makes a cheerful choice for boys.

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Names That Mean 'Gift from God'


Talk about the ultimate gift! Names like Theodore, Thea, and Theodosia mean "gift from God." For boys, also consider Jonathan, Nathaniel, and Matthew, which all share the same meaning. For girls, Sinead, Gia, and Dorothea should be on your short list.

In a similar vein, consider names like Anthony, Antonia, Antoinette, and Antonio, which all mean priceless. Among the names that mean "God is gracious," you'll find a slew of favorites, including Evanna, Jane, Gianna, Shauna, and Siobhan for girls, and John, Shane, Jack, Zane and Iain for boys.

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Names That Mean Hope


You can always go for that word name, Hope, or make it a bit more subtle. Esperanza, Nadia, Taraji, and Amal all mean hopeful.

For boys, try names like Amil, Kiran, Meyer, Rupert and Von.

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Names That Mean Beloved


If you're already in love with your new little one, choose a name with that meaning. Amy and its sister names like Aimee mean beloved, along with 1970s and 80s favorite Amanda, the iconic pick Cher, pretty Priya, and short-and-sweet Esme. Cordelia, a Shakespearean name, means heart.

Boys names that mean beloved include Amado, Aziz, the timeless classic David, Jed, Lev, and Rhys. Or go right for the word names—Love, Lovely and Beloved have all been used for girls in the past.

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Names That Mean Light


You can't have a rainbow without a little light—so give your baby a bright and cheery name that means light. For girls, consider the cheerful Irish name Aileen, up-and-comer Ayla, popular sisters Claire and Clara, classic variations Elaine and Helena, and lovely Lucy and Zia.

For boys, you can go with classics like Robert, Albert, Bertram, Clarence, and Robin, or consider some more unique names like Bodhi, Callahan, Dag, or Lucien.

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Names That Mean Stormy


There's no rainbow without a little rain, so why not pick a name associated with stormy weather? Raiden means thunder and lightning, while sweet Anemone means wind. Pretty, poetic Hawaiian name Noelani means "heavenly mist." Indra is the Hindu god of storms and rain (though his name might be better suited to girls). Zeus is the Greek god of lightning, while Thora is the Norse goddess of thunder.

Reva, Talia, and Varsha are pretty rain names for girls, while you might consider stormy names like Gale, Tal, Neil, Anan, Van and yes, Storm for your son.

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Names That Mean Magical


If your baby feels like a wish granted, consider names that mean wish. For girls, your options include Evelyn and its sister name, Aveline. If your baby's a dream come true, the girls' names Aisling, Ashlynn, and Imena all mean dream. Ayan is a Somali name that means fortunate, and works for boys or girls.

For boys, Bonaventure means "good fortune," and Chazon means "revelation." Aine is the queen of the fairies in Celtic tradition, while Ella means fairy maiden and Tiana means fairy queen. And Parisa isn't based on the city—it's a Persian name that means "like a fairy." Miranda means marvel, and is associated with Shakespeare's magical play, The Tempest. For boys, consider Alfred, which means elf counsel, or Alvin, which means elf friend.

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