Due in 2019? These trending baby names just may be the ones moms will be yelling on the playground in about five years — and maybe you'll be one of them!

The struggle of finding a unique baby name that's not too completely crazy or too incredibly overdone is real. We got your back. 

If you don’t want a baby name that’s made it into the top ten most popular list but still want one that feels current, checkout these six trends that will be big this year, according to Nameberry.

Trend #1: Spiritual Names

Names related to ancient mythology and Eastern spirituality have usurped biblical favorites and saints’ names.

  • Bodhi
  • Zen
  • Jupiter
  • Freya

Trend #2: Nonbinary Names

Parents who want to raise a child free of stereotypes are looking for names that are truly gender-neutral.

  • Finley
  • Justice
  • Royal
  • Story

Trend #3: Girls’ Names Starting with GI Instead of J

A trend started by celebrities (often with Italian ancestry) is making its way onto lists in the U.S.

  • Giuliana
  • Giullietta
  • Giada
  • Gianna

Trend #4: Boys’ Names That Sound Like Last Names, Ending in S

Wells is the fastest-rising boys’ name, according to the most recent statistics, and similar names are trending too.

  • Hayes
  • Wells
  • Oakes
  • Brooks

Trend #5: Minimalist Three-Letter Names

Four letters might be a marker of name popularity (such as top picks Emma and Liam), but three-letter names are cooler.

  • Liv
  • Lux
  • Kit
  • Rio

Trend #6: Animal Names in the Middle

Instead of a middle name that blends with anything, parents are making wilder choices, literally.

  • Bear
  • Fox
  • Otter
  • Wren

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