If you're looking to choose (or avoid!) a super-popular baby name, don't miss this list of the year's top-ranking baby names for boys and girls.

By Lisa Milbrand
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The Social Security Administration's annual ranking of the top baby names is out, and this year's top 20 baby name list looks a whole lot like last year's -- but with a new queen at the top of the girls' names. Knocking Sophia out of the top spot is Emma, which was the number one name back in 2008. On the boys' side, Noah maintains his spot at the top, and the reign of the Aiden/Jayden/Braeden names may finally be over, as these names had the biggest drops in the top 20.

There were more big changes, as well: Two new baby names were welcomed into the top 20-- Lucas on the boys' side, and Victoria on the girls'. Anthony dropped out of the top 20 for the first time in more than 30 years, and the trendy Addison seems to be falling out of fashion.

Here's a look at what's tops when it comes to baby names!

Baby Boy Names

1. Noah Even though this Biblical classic scored the top spot, don't be afraid to use it for your son -- only .9 percent of all boys have the name. (That's less than 1 boy per 100!)

2. Liam This short and sweet Irish variant on William stays at #2 for the second year in a row,

3. Mason This cool occupational name may yet make a run for the top -- it moved one space ahead this year, to become the third most popular name.

4. Jacob After more than a decade as the top name, is Jacob's time in the sun over? It swapped spots with #3 Mason as part of its downward trend.

5. William All the buzz about Prince William, now a new dad twice over himself, may have rubbed off on this classic. (Either that, or parents are looking for a long-form way to get to hot nickname "Liam."

6. Ethan Ethan has maintained a top 10 position for the past 12 years, without ever making it to the top spot. It's currently holding steady at #6.

7. Michael This legendarily popular boys' name still ranks tops in several states, but it's finally starting to drop out of the top 10.

8. Alexander Parents picking this name are often going for an offbeat nickname, like Xander or Xan, vs. the common Alex.

9. James Perennial top 20 favorite James is now scoring as a girls' name, thanks to a slew of celebs giving it as a middle name (or even as a first) to their daughters. But it's still ranking highly for boys, too, and moved up 4 spaces on the list this year.

10. Daniel This Biblical classic kept its spot at #10 for the second year in a row.

11. Elijah Another Biblical name, Elijah remains steady just outside the top 10.

12. Benjamin After a long run in the top 30, Benjamin's swiftly moving toward the top 10 in popularity.

13. Logan Are the fans of this name nature lovers, or X-Men fanatics (it's the civilian name of Wolverine)? Either way, Logan may be making its run for the top spot.

14. Aiden This alternative spelling eclipsed the Irish classic Aidan, but both options are falling out of favor with new parents.

15. Jayden Is this newly made-up Jason/Aidan hybrid finally falling out of fashion? It seems like it might be, since this has fallen six spaces, one of the biggest drops in the top 20.

16. Matthew After longtime top 10 status, Matthew's been holding steady around this part of the top 20 for the past five years.

17. Jackson It may have fallen one spot this year, but don't count Jackson out yet. If you're afraid of too-popular names, keep in mind that popular alternative spellings like Jaxon and Jaxson raise the Jackson soundalike count even higher.

18. David This beloved classic has been top 20 forever. (Well, at least for the past 80 years!)

19. Lucas New to the top 20 this year is Lucas -- perhaps in homage to George Lucas and Luke Skywalker, thanks to the renewed interest in the Star Wars series?

20. Joseph Could Joseph's decades' long run in the top 20 be nearly over? It's barely holding on to its spot at #20.

Baby Girl Names

1. Emma This sweet name got a major boost more than a decade ago when Friends picked it for Ross and Rachel's baby, and it's been in the top 3 for more than a decade. After five years as a runner-up, it just regained the top spot again this year.

2. Olivia Consider Olivia a lovely always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride name -- it's been flirting with the top spot for more than a decade, and finally came in at #2 this year.

3. Sophia Last year's reigning champ dropped two spots to #3, but if you combine this with the alternative spelling, Sofia, which ranks at #12 this year, it may still be the top name in the country.

4. Isabella Isabella had a short, two-year reign at the top from 2009-2010. But even though it currently sits at #4, it's still pretty popular when you count all its variations, like Isabelle and Isabel.

5. Ava Short and sweet Ava has been sitting pretty at the #5 slot for the past 6 years.

6. Mia Mia's holding steady at #6, and fits in with that whole "M" name vibe.

7. Emily Lovely Emily was #1 for a long run near the turn of the 21st century, but it's now on a slow slide out of the top 10.

8. Abigail Eight seems to be a lucky number for Abigail -- it's held this position for five of the last eight years.

9. Madison For a name that rose to fame based on Splash!, a bad 1980s mermaid comedy starring Tom Hanks, it's had long staying power. It's at #9 for the third year in a row.

10. Charlotte This sweet classic is about to become red hot, thanks to the new royal baby. And this year, it finally moved into the top 10.

11. Harper This unisex pick has made a meteoric rise, from outside the top 100 just four years ago to its #11 slot. Combine some celebrity cache and the current passion for unisex names for girls, and you can expect to see this one enter the top 10 next year.

12. Sofia Combine this variant spelling with #3 Sophia, and you'll probably want to steer clear of this name in all its forms if you're looking for something unique for your daughter.

13. Avery Avery's been hovering in the 12 to 13 range on the list for the past three years. It's a unisex classic that's starting to skew heavily toward the girls -- though it's still in the top 200 for boys.

14. Elizabeth This name's the very definition of classic, which is why it's never been out of the top 20, ever. It's no surprise, given the fact that this name comes with a whole slew of potential nicknames to give it a fresh new vibe. (Current parents are opting more for Lizzie and Eliza than Betsy or Beth.)

15. Amelia Amelia seems to be following its similar sounding friends Emily and Emma toward the top of the list.

16. Evelyn Evelyn moved four spots this year to become more firmly entrenched in the top 20.

17. Ella Ella started off the century in the top 300, and shot like a rocket toward the top. Her rise may be done, though, as the name dropped several spots on the list over the past two years.

18. Chloe Chloe's more popular than it seems, since its Kardashianized spelling, Khloe, also ranks highly for girls (currently at #88).

19. Victoria Welcome Victoria back to the top 20, after nearly 15 years outside of it. The name may have regained interest here, due to its inclusion on so many baby name lists for the royal family across the pond.

20. Aubrey Both this unisex classic and its soundalike Audrey seem to be falling out of favor fast.

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