The Most Popular Baby Names by State

Sophia or Olivia? Liam or Mason? Find out which names you'll be hearing on the playground in your town!

Noah and Emma may be the top names in the country -- but here's a surprising baby name fact: only Hawaii and Nevada have both of those names in the top spot. If you live in the Dakotas, Harper is the most popular for girls, and throughout the south, it's William -- the third-most popular baby name in the nation -- that rules the roost. And plenty of states having surprising picks for their most popular baby names: Lucas and Aurora are both in the top five in Alaska, while parents in California put Camila and Sebastian into the top 10. Want to know what's monikers are tops where you live? Check out our state-by-state list of the top baby names below!

Alabama: William and Ava
Alaska: Liam and Emma
Arizona: Noah and Sophia
Arkansas: Mason and Emma
California: Noah and Sophia
Colorado: Liam and Olivia
Connecticut: Mason and Olivia
Delaware: Liam and Sophia
DC: Alexander and Elizabeth
Florida: Noah and Isabella

Georgia: William and Olivia
Hawaii: Noah and Emma
Idaho: Liam and Emma
Illinois: Noah and Olivia
Indiana: Liam and Emma
Iowa: Liam and Emma
Kansas: William and Olivia
Kentucky: William and Emma
Louisiana: Mason and Emma
Maine: Liam and Emma

Maryland: Noah and Olivia
Massachusetts: Benjamin and Emma
Michigan: Liam and Olivia
Minnesota: Henry and Olivia
Mississippi: William and Ava
Missouri: Liam and Emma
Montana: William and Emma
Nebraska: Liam and Olivia
Nevada: Noah and Emma
New Hampshire: Jacob and Olivia

New Jersey: Michael and Sophia
New Mexico: Noah and Mia
New York: Jacob and Sophia
North Carolina: William and Ava
North Dakota: Liam and Harper
Ohio: Liam and Emma
Oklahoma: William and Emma
Oregon: Liam and Emma
Pennsylvania: Mason and Emma
Rhode Island: Mason and Olivia

South Carolina: William and Emma
South Dakota: Liam and Harper
Tennessee: William and Emma
Texas: Noah and Emma
Utah: William and Olivia
Vermont: Liam and Emma
Virginia: William and Emma
Washington: Liam and Olivia
West Virginia: Mason and Sophia
Wisconsin: Mason and Olivia
Wyoming: Jackson and Olivia

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