From mythical to moody, places to presidents, check out the year's top trends in baby names.

By Lisa Milbrand
May 20, 2014

Baby names regularly fall in and out of vogue—have you heard of many little babies named Barbara or Wayne lately? Here's a sneak peek at what's trending right now in baby names, based on the most recent Social Security Administration data, so you can choose to go with the flow—or strike a different course.

Nature Names for Girls

Flower names like Lily, Rose, and Violet have grown in popularity over the past decade, but among the top climbers this year are some more unusual nature-themed baby names. We're talking less common blooms like Azalea, Dahlia, and Magnolia, botanical names like (the creatively spelled) Saige and Juniper—and even offbeat names like Wren and River.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Place Names

Some fresh new place names are on the map, and may be set to replace standbys like Brooklyn and Austin. On the girls' side, hot up-and-comers included Ireland, India, and Dallas, and the boys were given Milan (í  la Shakira's son), Jericho, and Memphis.

Creative Spellings

Baby name traditionalists can rejoice, because the creative spellings of baby names like Jaidyn and Bently have started falling out of vogue. But fans of creative spelling found new baby names to tweak—and two of the top climbers were Jurnee (aka Journey) and Jayceon (aka Jason), along with Wynter, Jakobe, Jax and Paislee.

"C" Names for Boys

The Kardashians may have laid claim to K, but you can still get that sound with a capital C. Cameron and Camden were both among the biggest climbers (you can thank Modern Family and celebrities like Nick Lachey, respectively). Caleb, Cooper, and Carter were all in the top 50 as well—so the hard C was apparently an easy choice for many parents-to-be.

Mythical Names

Some of the coolest new names out there come from ancient folk tales—and we're not talking Zeus! For boys, Atlas and Ares—Atlas for the guy who held the world in his hands, Ares for the god of war— were hot names, as was Titan, for the mythical gods of yore. For girls, Freya, a Scandinavian goddess, was red-hot, alongside Phoenix, the mythical bird who regenerates after burning to death, and Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

Posh Baby Names

Boys and girls are being given names that kind of represent how valuable they are—or how much they're going to cost you. (Have you seen those college tuition projections?) We're talking names like Diamond, Cash, Royal, Chanel, Armani, Princess, Legend, Crystal, and Pearl.

Moody Baby Names

Word names are really coming into their own—and this year's batch contained some pretty intriguing mindset names: Serenity, Mercy, Justice, and Hope.

Presidential Baby Names

Thanks in part to Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who gave their girl the typically boy name Lincoln, you can see a few more couples checking out their history books in their search for baby names. Nixon, Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan—and, of course, Jackson—were among the more popular presidential names pulled into the modern era.

Ever Names—Forever

You can blame/thank Channing Tatum for helping bring Everly into the spotlight. Both Everly and the alternate spelling Everleigh were among the top 10 movers and shakers for girls, along with top 150 boys' name Everett.

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