These names from pop culture past and present might be worth picking for your own future fan boy or fan girl.

Pop Culture Baby Names image_Jon Snow

Odds are, if you aren't honoring a beloved family member or friend with your baby name selection, you might pay homage to a favorite character from a book, TV or movie—or even to a favorite celebrity.

But some pop culture baby names are definitely have more cool factor than others. Check out these names from pop culture past and present, which might be worth picking for your own future fan boy or girl.

Arwen This elfen princess plays a much bigger role in Peter Jackson's film version of the Lord of the Rings than its book predecessor. But it's a lovely Welsh name that means noble maiden.

Arya The brave younger sister of the Stark clan inspired the biggest breakout name from the show, a Sanskrit name that means noble and is currently in the top 250.

Ash Horror fans are loving the new Evil Dead series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. Baby namers are also loving this short-and-sweet nickname for Asher as a name in its own right.

Augustus This bold old Latin name, used by the famed Roman emperor, got a new lease on life when given to the romantic lead in The Fault in Our Stars. It means great—and it is a great pick for a boy.

Benedict Brit actor Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be everywhere these days, and his lovely classic name could be a sweet way to get to the popular nickname Ben.

Brienne Game of Thrones' warrior woman Brienne of Tarth carries a surprisingly wearable name, a variant on Brian that bears the same meaning—strong.

Bruno Singer Bruno Mars wasn't born with the name, but you can thank him for helping this Portuguese color name (it means brown) rise up on the charts.

Dexter Fans universally agree that the ending of this serial killer series kind of stunk, but the name's still pretty popular.

Dixon This Scottish surname is associated with Daryl Dixon, the tough hero from The Walking Dead, which lends it a bit of Southern swagger.

Elsa The ice queen from Disney's phenom Frozen sports this German variant on Elizabeth, which shares its meaning—consecrated to God. Expect it to make a meteoric rise on the charts.

Finn Finn, an Irish name that means fair, has already been a baby name favorite thanks to Glee's star QB Finn Hudson, played by the late Cory Monteith. But now that he's one of the new heroes in the latest Star Wars installment, expect a lot of little Finns running around.

Hamilton The red-hot Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton may inspire a few theater-loving parents-to-be to give their sons this surname name. Miles makes a great, unexpected nickname for it.

Hazel This nature name (from a tree) joined the more classical Augustus as the red-hot name du jour from the YA favorite, The Fault in Our Stars.

Hermione Clearly the coolest chick in Hogwarts is Harry Potter's brilliant BFF. So now that we all know how to pronounce it, why hasn't this ancient Greek name with Shakespearean ties made it into the top 1000 here?

James James has always been a favorite for boys, but thanks to a slew of celebrity baby namers, it's now the middle name (and even first name!) du jour for girls. It means supplanter.

Joy As the sweet feeling-in-charge in Inside Out and the title character played by Jennifer Lawrence that's already getting Oscar buzz, I expect Joy to make a comeback as a baby name (especially in the middle spot).

Luna Hermione may not have caught on, but Luna definitely did. The slightly spacey member of Dumbledore's Army inspired a slew of baby namers, including Uma Thurman, who gave her daughter the massive moniker Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence, but simply calls her Luna.

Ren Dark side followers may have dragged Darth Vader's moniker Anakin into the top 1000, but new school Star Wars baddie Kylo Ren has a much more wearable name for kids—and one with a much more peaceful meaning, water lily.

Rey This Spanish name that means royalty is about to become uber-hot, thanks to the cool, Force-irrific heroine of the new Star Wars trilogy.

Scout Atticus may be done for, thanks to the racist revelations in the new Harper Lee novel Go Set a Watchman, but the bloom still isn't off the scrappy-cool name Scout.

Serenity Nerds galore love the cult classic Firefly, and the ship's name makes a lovely and zen baby name choice.

Snow Breakout Game of Thrones hero Jon Snow seems destined to come back from what appeared to be a fatal attack—but he's already inspired interest in this unisex middle name.

Tyrion It seems a little strange that Khaleesi, a weird royal title, became a breakout Game of Thrones baby name, but the black sheep baby brother of the Lannister clan's ultimately very wearable name hasn't seen the same level of popularity.

Westley If you can recite every line from The Princess Bride, you might want to consider this romantic swashbuckling hero name (which means, not surprisingly, western meadow) for your son.

Xander Buffy's BFF in the classic Joss Whedon series Buffy the Vampire Slayer has inspired a lot of little Xanders in his wake. It's a short version of Alexander, which means "defender of men."