Looking for baby name inspiration? With the BH90210 reboot premiering this fall, we're predicting a new generation of Dylans and Donnas on the way.

Beverly Hills 90210 Television Show Cast Shannen Doherty Tori Spelling Jennie Garth
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Beverly Hills, 90210 was the epitome of '90s cool. The hair was big, the clothes were bold and the characters were iconic. Several stars from the show—including Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green and Jason Priestley—are getting back together for a BH90210, a quasi-reality show reboot premiering this fall. But they're not the only '90s relics having a comeback: Their characters' names are about to be hot again, too.

Dylan and Donna probably won't be the next Jasper and Olivia, but you may start to see more quintessentially Gen X names popping up on the playground. According to a report from Names.org, there was steady increase of 90210-inspired baby names between 1990 and 2000. And now that Los Angeles' most famous zip code is returning to prime time, these names could very well be coming back into fashion.


Made Cool By: Luke Perry as Dylan McKay

Why It's Coming Back: Sadly, Luke Perry passed away earlier this year after suffering a stroke at the age of 52. He wasn't scheduled to be part of the 90210 reboot, but the six-episode series will undoubtedly pay tribute to Perry and the bad boy character he played so well.

And Dylan McKay has always been a fan favorite. Names.org estimates 75,000 babies were named for the character in the '90s. And according to data from the Social Security Administration, Dylan was the 31st most popular boy name of 2018.


Made Cool By: Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh

Why It's Coming Back: Brandon Walsh is the dreamy guy next door with a heart of a gold. Also a fan favorite, Names.org estimates 25,000 little ones were named in his honor during 90210's heyday. The name did have a steady decline in popularity over the next 20 years, though. In 2000, it was the 12th most popular boy name, but by 2018, it had fallen to the 124th spot. "Brandon" has been out of the top 20 for so long, though, that it feels fresh again. And if anyone can bring it back, it's Jason Priestley.


Made Cool By: Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh

Why It's Coming Back: Shannen Doherty is reuniting with the old gang this fall, and based on the BH90210 teaser trailer, she's gone full zen. The new Brenda is calm, peaceful and likes to meditate. The old Brenda was quite the opposite, but she still had her admirers. In fact, according to Names.org, an estimated 2,500 babies were named for her saucy character.

The name Brenda, much like Brandon, has experienced a steady decline in popularity since its peak in the '90s. But if Doherty's character has taken a new and interesting turn, perhaps it will inspire an increase in baby Brendas.


Made Cool By: Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders

Why It's Coming Back:Variations of Steve (Steven, Stephen, Stefan) have been around for generations. According to Names.org, the number of babies born named "Steve" actually declined during Beverly Hills, 90210's 10-year run. "Steven" hit peak popularity in 1989, when it was the 22nd most popular boy name in the United States, but by 2018, it had fallen to the 198th spot on the list. That said, if Doc Martens and scrunchies are coming back in style, there's room for Steve to have a resurgence as well.


Made Cool By: Brian Austin Green as David Silver

Why It's Coming Back: According to data collected by the Social Security Administration, David was a top three baby name every year for boys born between 1960 and 1971. That meant when Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered, there were a lot of twenty-something Davids in the United States. But Gen X didn't necessarily want their kids to have a name that seemed trendy, and the popularity of "David" fell sharply over the next two decades. By 2018, David was only the 22nd most popular baby name. Give it a few years, though, and this classic name will have the old-school cool factor like Theodore, Milo and Atticus do today.


Made Cool By: Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor

Why It's Coming Back: Kelly Taylor was the most popular girl in school, but her first name reached peak popularity in 1977. It's been on a decline ever since, but with a few famous Kellys back in the spotlight (including Kelly Ripa, Kelly Clarkson and soon Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor), the name might soon be making a nostalgic comeback.


Made Cool By: Tori Spelling as Donna Martin

Why It's Coming Back: The name Donna reached peak popularity in the 1960s, and according to data from the Social Security Administration, it's been on the decline ever since. But it was the real Donna (Tori Spelling) who had the idea to reunite the crew for BH90210. We'll be seeing a lot of her in the coming months, and who knows? Maybe we'll start seeing a new generation of Donnas, too.


Made Cool By: Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman

Why It's Coming Back: Andrea Zuckerman, the brainy editor of West Beverly High's student newspaper, became more popular as the series progressed. Her name hasn't exactly been hot or trendy since, but for a lot of parents, that's a selling point. "Andrea" reached peak popularity in 1978, and by 2018, it was only the 134th most popular baby name for girls. It's not heavily associated with any one generation, which again, could be a selling point for parents in the near future.

BH90210, the new reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210, premieres August 7, 2019 on FOX.