Chinese Baby Names

Can't decide on a Chinese baby name? Use our list to find the perfect name for your child.


What's behind a Chinese name? Chinese surnames always come first. Given names (first and middle names) are usually paired names, made from two Chinese characters (syllables). Mei Hua means "beautiful flower." Bing Qing means "clear as ice." Fang Yin means "breath of flowers." The combinations are almost limitless! Tradition can loom large, pay close attention to certain characteristics of the child, birth date, and birthplace. Sometimes the first character name is shared by an entire generation. But more recently it has become acceptable to use one name instead of two. Huan means "happy, joyous." Ling means "spirit, chime." Lin means "fine gem, forest." And unrelated Western names are commonly given too. "They call me Bob." Some great Chinese names. Chao means "surpass." Da means "achieve." Gang means "strong." Huang means "bright." Quiang means "strength." Ai means "love" or "friendly," depending on the character. Lan means "orchid." Rong means "flourish or harmony." Ping means "peaceful." Nuan means "warm." Shu means "gentle." Xiu means "beautiful, elegant." Bai means "white" or "many," depending on which character is chosen. Bao means "treasure," "praise," or "bud," depending on the character. Chen means "morning." Cheng means "succeed" or "sincere, "depending on the character. Fu means "wealthy" or "lotus." Heng means "constant." For more names, go to

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