16 Last Names that Make Cool First Names for Girls

Last names are the chic new choice when it comes to naming your baby on the way. If you're looking for a stylish first name for your daughter, look no further—here are a few of our favorite last names for girls.

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If you love the "Addy" nickname, but aren't a big fan of sweet Adeline or Adelaide, Addison has a bit more spunk. (It was also the name of the doctor ex-wife of McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy, back in the day.)

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This Scottish surname was used for newscaster Campbell Brown and characters in novels by Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks—but Campbell's soup could make it less palatable as a baby name. (Bonus: You could use your choice of the cute Cam or Bella nicknames.)

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Delaney's been holding steady in the top 250 girls' names for more than a decade now. It's an Irish last name that means "dark challenger."

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The name may translate as "kind son," but it's just as perfect for your daughter.

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A sleek and stylish way to get to that charming Emmy/Emma nickname, Emerson is a German last name that's been on the rise since the turn of the 21st century.

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The Everly Brothers were a top pop music act back in the 1960s—but Everly and its spelling variations like Everleigh and Everlee are totally in vogue right now, thanks to Channing Tatum and his ex, Jenna Dewan, who picked it for their daughter.

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One of the most popular last name baby names for girls is this sweet pick, currently in the top 10 names in the U.S. Its big claim to fame is To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee.

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The former president of the U.S. gives us this Irish surname name perfect for girls. It's been used for an early MTV hostess and a potential slayer from the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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This Scottish last name caught on as a baby name back in the 1980s, thanks to actress Mackenzie Phillips—though now Dance Moms personality Mackenzie Ziegler may be more well known.

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This surname name first made a splash—literally—when the mermaid from the popular 1980s comedy Splash picked it for herself from a sign on Madison Avenue. It's been a top 20 favorite for more than 20 years.

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Marley comes with a lot of interesting connections—reggae legend Bob Marley, the ghost that haunts Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, and of course, the lovable dog in Marley and Me. The name has a charming meaning—seaside meadow—and has been steadily in the top 250 in the U.S.

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The surname popularized by movie star Marilyn has been on the rise as a girls' name, and currently sits just outside the top 600. (You could also call it a presidential name, for James Monroe.)

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One of the top movers and shakers for girls in recent years is this surname name, which jumped more than 300 places in the past year to land in the top 700 baby names for girls.

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Actress Parker Posey may have helped this name catch on for girls—it's currently in the top 200 baby names for girls in the U.S.

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Maybe we're all just fans of the cool girlfriend in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? That could explain why the short and sleek Sloane (with or without the "e") is now in the top 200 baby names for girls.

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This sweet Irish name is a more offbeat baby name choice with a cool meaning—it means "descendant of a lord."

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