Yahoo! Marissa Mayer 28293

Less than a month after giving birth to her first son, Marissa Mayer is off maternity leave and back at work--and giving her very first earnings report as CEO of Yahoo! (which seems to be going pretty well, based on news reports). But in advance of her big earnings call, she also released a little tidbit of personal information--the name of her new baby.

After allegedly crowdsourcing her name by sending email and Twitter pleas to friends and family, Marissa and husband Zack Bogue settled on a name they'd been tossing around themselves. According to CNN Money, they chose Macallister both to honor Marissa's double-M name and to give their son a nice nod to Zack's Scottish heritage.

The name Macallister is a Scottish name that means "son of Alexander," and it's never been a big hit here. (Though maybe it'll catch on after this high-profile CEO uses it.) It's a long name, so I'd expect that he's going to have a nickname (Mac and Al are the most logical choices).

No middle name was announced, but I'd go with a short, one-syllable name, given the length of the first name. Perhaps something like Keane, Heath or Finn would be a good choice with their chosen first name.

What do you think of Marissa and Zack's choice of baby name? Is it a name you could see yourself using?

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