By Lisa Milbrand
May 23, 2014
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Today, X-Men: Days of Future Past opens, with the story once again focusing on Dr. Charles Xavier and his band of merry mutants, who fight not only against some evil humans who are hellbent on erasing them from the planet, but some fellow mutants who don't share their kinder, gentler, let's-all-just-get-along outlook. I'm excited to see this one, which requires time travel to stop whatever massive danger the X-Men find themselves in.

If you've been living under a rock and know nothing about them, the X-Men generally go by some pretty funky names, based on their special powers—like Iceman, who can freeze things at will, or Magneto, who can control and warp anything metallic. But if you're looking for a name in homage to your favorite X-Men character, here are a few that are worth considering.

Xavier is the surname of Charles Francis Xavier (AKA Professor X), the leader of the X-Men, who possesses powers of telepathy and can control the minds of others. (He's played, at least in future time, by the always awesome Patrick Stewart.) Xavier is the 83rd most popular name in the U.S., and it means "bright."

Wolverine is probably the most iconic X-Men character, with his adamantium-clad claws that spring out from his fingers. The name he goes by, Logan, has been in the top 20 names in the U.S. since 2006. It's a Scottish name that means "hollow," and while it's generally used for the boys, it's having some success as a girls' name, too.

Rogue can steal memories and powers from other people through touch. Her name has been revealed as either Anna or Marie (or Anna Marie), depending on if you follow the comics or the movie. But I like Rogue itself as a word name. It may be a little daring in the first spot, but it would make a really cool middle name.

Mystique is one of the cooler dark-side mutants, with blue skin and the ability to shape shift into anyone. The fact that she's been played recently by Jennifer Lawrence doesn't hurt, either. Mystique's real name is Raven, currently on a bit of an upswing toward the top 500 baby names.

Jean Grey possesses telekinetic, telepathic and empathic powers of incredible strength, surpassing even Professor X. While Jean's a beautiful, old-school name, it's dropped off the radar since the early 1990s, and last year only 61 girls sported the name. I'm liking Grey a bit more, as a cool and colorful middle name.

Tell me: Who's your favorite X-Man? And would you name your kiddo in homage to a pop-culture hero?

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Image: Mystique courtesy of  Marvel & 20th Century Fox


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