Baby Name Dilemma 28259

That's the idea behind a brand new baby book that happened upon my desk this week, Hello, My Name Is Pabst, which bills itself as a list of names for nonconformist parents and hits bookshelves near you this month.

And the authors aren't kidding around—many of the names in there I can't ever imagine giving to a baby (though I guess by naming my kids Katharine and Margaret, I wasn't exactly breaking new ground). Names like Nimrod, Mosquito, and Crazytrain are all suggestions on their lists, which are subdivided into different hipster/geek type subsets, such as names for architect's kids, which include Wright and Eames, and names for computer nerds, like Bitmap and Linux.

Here and there you'll find some gems sprinkled—I like the Art House movie collection, which includes names like Viggo and Vivien. But for the most part, I could really only see using this book as inspiration for creative pet names—or as a great gag gift for a baby shower.

Even the authors themselves recommend using these offbeat names as a middle name, which you can use for your child (kind of like a nickname), while still preserving the more professional first name. That way, you can call your daughter Adjunct, but when she decides to become an accountant, she can go with that perfectly nice Adeline you paired it with.

Of course, maybe these authors are looking to appeal to those crazy A-list celebrity baby namers, for whom names like Hybrid and Matrix are perfectly par for the course. (What else would you name the younger sibling of Moxie Crimefighter?)

What do you think? Would you pick up a book like My Name is Pabst? And would you consider giving your baby the name of Cheap-O or Casserole?