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That's what one couple in Alabama did—they gave their son the creatively spelled moniker Krimson Tyde, after the University of Alabama's legendary sports program. And apparently, they're not alone—among the few kids named Crimson (or in this case, Krimson), most are residents of the state of Alabama.

I'm not sure how many mascots lend themselves to baby names, though—and while I like the idea of Crimson as an offbeat baby name, putting it with Tide kind of leaves me cold (it feels like blood in the water, a la D-Day, to me). My two alma maters are on opposite ends of the spectrum, baby name wise. St. Bonaventure's Bonnies are a no-brainer (the lovely Scottish name Bonnie was a top name in the 1940s-1950s). But the Syracuse Orangemen? Well, I don't see Syracuse or Orange exactly lighting up the baby name charts.

Some people opt to name a child after a sports hero, but with so many pro athletes facing scandals, that's a bit of a gamble—disgraced bicycling athlete Lance Armstrong, for instance, helped his name spike in popularity after his Tour wins—but Lance is on a sharp decline now that he's admitted to doping.

What do you think—does Crimson Tide (or Krimson Tyde) make a good baby name? Did you pick an athlete or a sports team to inspire your own child's baby name?

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