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That's what Natasha Hill decided to do for her soon-to-be bundle of joy. For a payment of $5,000, she's letting the folks at the website Baby Ballot choose a winning name for a boy and for a girl, and has committed to using that name for her baby.

I know $5,000 would put a nice dent in some credit card debt, allow you to start a college fund for your baby, or give you the cash to bling up the nursery, but would you really leave something as important as your baby's name to a whole bunch of random strangers? I don't think I could do it – certainly not for just $5,000.

Of course, the strangers aren't given free rein, as there is a list of finalist names that the users are going to be choosing from – which means the likelihood of getting something really far out, like Mooney or Goofballs, is far more remote. And of course, if Natasha doesn't like the name they selected, she could always go for a nickname or choose a middle name that her child could use. If you want to help her crowdsource her baby name, head over to Belly Ballot from March 18 through March 22 to cast your vote.

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