Baby Name Dilemma 28259

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday—but she still hasn't picked a name yet. That's because she and husband Zachary Bogue decided to crowdsource their new son's name, by sending a mass e-mail out to friends and family members asking for suggestions. I don't find it that surprising, given Marissa's passion for the internet and the connections it provides for people. After all, why not utilize your social network to give you suggestions on how to name your baby?

While some articles and blogs out there find Zachary and Marissa's baby naming technique a little strange, it's not exactly ground breaking. There are tons of everyday folks who are already utilizing similar strategies for finding the right moniker for their baby. How different is crowdsourcing from hitting forums like the one here on to ask for strangers' opinions on names—or using sites like Bellyballot, which lets you pick five names and have your friends and family vote on their favorites?

Of course, that does open you up to more unsolicited advice—and probably a whole lot of names that may not be to your taste. And that may mean waiting days beyond your baby's birth to finally give him or her a name. (No word on when Marissa and Zachary are closing the polling and picking the winner.)

In case Marissa and Zach just happen to be In Name Only fans, I'd love to suggest Nolan, Henry or Kieran as their baby's name—and I like Gray or James as a middle name with any of those three.

So what name would you want to suggest for Marissa and Zachary? And if you're in the market for a baby name, would you use crowdsourcing to help you find the right one?

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