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Why Haven't The Hunger Games Baby Names Caught On?

Why Haven't The Hunger Games Baby Names Caught On? 28492
The Hunger Games series has been a massive hit both as a book series and in film form. And even though it has cool and pretty creative spins on classic names, they're aren't a bunch of Katnisses and Peetas at the local day cares. (In fact, there were only 12 girls in the whole country named Katniss last year, and not a single Peeta.)

Sure, there are some names that just don't seem to lend themselves to use—like Beetee or Glimmer—but here are a few less offbeat names that might be worth considering.

The Hunger Games' heroine Katniss sports a name that's only slightly off from classics like Katherine and Katrina. It's the name of a real-life edible plant. And who wouldn't want their daughter named after such a strong and brave character? (Especially one played by the awesome Jennifer Lawrence?)

Gale is Katniss' BFF and perhaps her true love, has a weather name that means forceful wind, a variant spelling of the short form of Abigail. If you aren't daring enough to give it to a boy, it might be worthy of a girl.

Effie was once a top 100 baby name, but fell out of the top 1000 before 1960. It's short for Euphemia, and it's the name of the always fashionable Effie Trinket.

Perhaps my favorite name from the series is Primrose, Katniss' younger sister. It's a beautiful flower and a not well-used name—only 16 girls were given the name last year.

Rue was the girl Katniss tried to save in the first Hunger Games. It's also a floral name, and makes an adorable middle name.

Johanna is probably the most popular of the names used in the series—it's a feminization of John, and has been in the top 600 for more than a century.

I love the name Alma, which author Suzanne Collins picked for the future prez of Panem. It means nurturing, and has been in the top 1000 for more than a century.

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Image: The Hunger Games book cover, courtesy of Scholastic